Monday, March 31, 2008

This Week's (Belated) Shameless Budgeteer Plug

Online anonymity is great, isn't it?

"'I'm a Lot Bigger in Minnesota than in L.A.'" :: The always-entertaining Eddie Money prepares for his April 6 tour stop in Hinckley. I, Matthew R. Perrine, don't care what they're saying on hateful sites like Perfect Duluth Day; it was an honor and a thrill to talk to the man whose music I grew up listening to!

"One-Woman Cabaret Comes to Play Ground" :: “It’s kind of an experiment in storytelling — through stories and songs both — movement and music, and putting it all into one package,” says Two Harbors resident Rachel Nelson, explaining her latest project, “Living the Questions.” (A reworked version of the story I posted on last week.)

"'Leatherheads' a Throwback to Classic Cinema" :: There is no link because, unfortunately, you won't be able to read my movie review until Friday (when the movie opens). It's a long story....

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