Sunday, March 2, 2008


Submitted for the approval of the Twin Ports Awesome Mix Tape Appreciation Society,
the latest installment of "Don't Tell a Soul,"

a playlist for my radio show on an imaginary station.


p.s. I'll try not to be so half-assed next time ...
I'm just having a hard time catching up with my record-collecting disease.

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1. Chris Walla - "Geometry &C."
Shitting on Chris is so 2007. Lighten up, folks; this is the next best thing to a new Death Cab album.

2. Bluebird - "Falling Back to Earth"
Bloody ferocious -- I love it! For fans of Murder City Devils, Pretty Girls Make Graves.

3. The Long Winters - "Ultimatum" (EP vers.)
So good it's turned into a "repeater" song for my darling wife.

4. Rogers Sisters - "Freight Elevator"
Viva los Pixies!

5. Duran Duran - "Hungry Like the Wolf"
He he he....

6. Dandy Warhols - "Every Day Should Be a Holiday"
Really, the second coming of Duran Duran.

7. Hot Hot Heat - "Let Me In"
Sometimes I like pop music and ...

8. The White Stripes - "Little Cream Soda"
sometimes I just like the sound of heavy metal falling from the sky.

9. Orbital - "Quality Seconds"
Ever seen "White Noise"? Pretty terrifying, if you ask me.

10. Alt-Ctrl-Sleep - "Satellites (Venus to Mars)"
On the pleasanter side of things, this one's sure to be a hit in Duluth, home of Low.

11. Inouk - "No Danger"
Cool music, even cooler artwork.

12. Chad VanGaalen - "Wind Driving Dogs"
No more Great White North jokes, this guy is a visionary.

13. Sector 7G - "This is Not Me"
Grimy, grimy hip-hop approved by Eyedea.

14. Ant - title unknown (Track 4 from "Melodies and Memories 85-89")
I didn't know what to expect from the Atmosphere mastermind's journey into his record collection, but it's well worth that hour I worked to pay for it.

15. Rhymefest - "Dancin' Machine"
Before "That's ignorant / You're ignorant" was a "South Park" punchline....

16. Heiruspecs - "Guns and Knives"
A decade strong (and growing)!

17. NOFX - "All Outta Angst"
I don't buy that for one second. Just listen to "No Fun."

18. De Novo Dahl - "Dance Like David"
Because boys named "Matt" don't really know how.

19. The Raveonettes - "Blitzed"
Here's what I said in the Budge.

20. Retribution Gospel Choir - "What She Turned Into"
I don't want to spoil anything (as far as my upcoming record review is concerned), so I'll just say RGC's proper debut is another fine Alan Sparhawk product.

21. Alex Chilton - "Like Flies on Sherbert"
It's quite apparent that Alex Chilton went completely insane after Big Star fizzled, but there are still remnants of greatness in his solo catalogue.

22. trYke - "Head Lamp Adventure"
Some really trippy stuff. I can only imagine this is what the soundtrack to a night tremor would sound like.... (p.s. If you dig this, check out the recorded output of Thrill Jockey recording artists Trans Am.)

23. Harvey Danger - "Little Round Mirrors"
Wow, this is the same group that gave us "Flagpole Sitta"?! This is just beautiful.

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