Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lost Gem of the Moment: Crystal Pepsi

Right here ... right now ... Crystal Pepsi.

Blazing saddles, I can't remember a beverage phenomenon that fizzled out as fast as Crystal Pepsi, the "Clear Cola."

Truth be told, I'm partially to blame -- that is, PepsiCo can sleep well knowing its demise rests entirely on my shoulders: I can only honestly remember drinking one 2-liter bottle of the stuff.

While doing my "research" for this post, I came across an interesting commentary on the whole fad and an excellent blog, X-Entertainment, which brought my attention to 7-Up Gold (which I've never heard of -- and which is actually an unused Dr. Pepper invention) and includes an impressive collection of '80s TV commercials. (The downloads cover everything from Freshen-Up gum to a "The Legend of Zelda" teaser.)

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