Friday, March 7, 2008

First impressions of ... Dark Meat's 'Universal Indians'

Ladies and gentlemen, Dark Meat is upon us.

I'm sure you'll love this 17-piece psychedelic rock collective from Athens, Ga.
-- think a bigger, badder Haus Meeting -- which features members from Of Montreal, Elf Power, the Instruments, We Versus Shark, Gnarls Barkley and more. (I know, I know, surprise, surprise; there are members of Elephant Six luminaries in a group from Athens!)

Anyway, the group's debut, "Universal Indians," originally released on the seminal Orange Twin
label, will be re-released by Vice Records April 8 with three bonus tracks.

The group will be in Minnesota April 27 for a show at Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis.


1. "Freedom Ritual"
After an unsuspecting vocals-only intro, the song explodes; never coming down until the seven-minute-plus odyssey of hot brass and classic guitar rock calls it a day.

2. "Well Fuck You Then"
Maybe I've been listening to too much Bowie lately, but this sounds like what would've happened had Ziggy Stardust been invited to jam with an amped-up Lynyrd Skynyrd. (The sound is actually closer to an acid-induced Black Crowes masterpiece, but the decades don't quit line up....)

3. "Dead Man"
Again, this takes more than a few '70s-copping moves from the Crowes' playbook -- I fucking love it!

4. "Birdson + Foorsteps, Flute, Horn"
A throwaway little interlude piece before ...

5. "Three Eyes Open"
another horns-a-blazin' epic.

6. "Angel of Meth"
There's so much going on here, my god ... but the easiest "sounds like" I can think of is a southern-fried Chicago (circa those glorious early years).

7. "One More Trip"
We get it: You guys like your drugs and musical mayhem!

8. "In the Woods"
Amps up to "11"? Check. Enough back-up singers to make the "We Are the World" singalong seem like a joke? Check. Sense of direction? Nope....

9. "Disintegrating Flowers"
Another meandering, waste-of-space interlude. Why do you do it, Dark Meat?

10. "Assholes of Eyeballs"
This is what they call "the bad part of the trip."

11. "There is a Retard on Acid Holding A Hammer to Your Brain"
Let's see, they spent all their time thinking up a funny, Flaming Lips-esque song title and *oops* forgot to write a song to go with it! (Better go back to the beginning of the record, where the group's sound actually seemed fresh.)

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