Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today's Moment of Zen: My Very First Facebook ("dot com") Meltdown!

For all those haters out there, I feel your pain. I signed on to stay in contact with all those lost classmates, but it's becoming more and more ridiculous. For example, I logged on today and found a "hot" discussion titled "Is Being Gay OK?"

No shit it is! What are we, George W. Bush zombies or something?!

ANYWAY, for your viewing pleasure, I've attached my "response" to the stupidest question ever:

Post #417
wrote one second ago

Why are people even bringing up the Bible? It's about as valid as a Britney Spears song in any given argument.

Besides, "Is Being Gay OK?"? It's such a non-issue these days ... unless, of course, you're an ignorant Republican hillbilly who's had his eye on his sister for the past couple of years.

God bless!

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