Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't Tell a Soul, Vol. 33: ... And Then I Fly High

For the uninitiated, "Don't Tell a Soul" is my ongoing, semi-regular awesome* mix tape series.

And this, right here, is the latest installment.

As always, to encourage the consumption of music that doesn't suck, I have provided --
wherever available -- links to free, artist-sanctioned MP3s of the songs.


(Questions or comments? E-mail mperrine [at] duluthbudgeteer [dot] com.)

1. The Unband - "Geez Louise"
Sound familiar? This is the standout on the "Super Troopers" soundtrack.

Rock on, Scubatron.

2. Gorillaz feat. Shaun Ryder - "Dare"
I should probably admit that anything that even remotely sounds inspired by the '80s will automatically make these mix tapes. (I was there with this disclaimer when Felix da Housecat pumped out "Ready to Wear," too.)

3. Father Hennepin - "Doc Bronner"
Something about Scott "Starfire" Lunt's voice is completely heartbreaking -- well worth seeking out the "Iron Country" comp for this quasi-C&W gem.

4. Dolour - "I Smell a Lawsuit"
Recommended if you like the popcentric numbers college freshmen listen to. (This is, in no way, a slight: Dolour is heavenly.)

5. Charles Douglas - "Me + My Woman"
An irresistible nugget of a song that somehow didn't make the "31 Flavors" cut. Not to sound too redundant, but well worth seeking out Mr. Douglas for.... (I mean, I really don't know how else to get it!)

6. Cloud Cult - "Please Remain Calm"
The latest Cloud Cult genre-bouncing adventures finds our heroes dabbling in danceable indie rock (indietronic?). What's not to love?

7. Simple Kid - "The Commuter"
R.I.Y.L. Bicycle (again, the group), Forest for the Trees and, to a lesser extent, the sunnier (read: poppier) Flaming Lips moments.

8. Vegetarian Meat - "Not You"
R.I.Y.L. Charles Douglas (he's kind of half o' the group), the Jesus and Mary Chain (minus the drone but before the road songs) and late-period Pixies -> right around Black Francis' transformation into Frank Black.

9. David Miller - "Narrow Your Eyes" (They Might Be Giants cover)
If you like Aqueduct, this guy sounds exactly like "Mr. Aqueduct" David Terry.

So much, in fact, that I almost suspect "Miller" is a fake last name.


What, you've heard better indie rock conspiracies this week?

10. Heavy Vegetable - "Daisy"
Before Pinback, the talented (Mr.) Rob Crow was in this group -- and let's just say it's easy to hear the "aural road map." You won't be disappointed.

11. I Self Devine - "All We Need is Another Day"
Let me see, Do I think I listen to too much I Self Devine?


12. Steve Winwood - "Roll with It"
Question: How do you follow up one of Minneapolis' hardest-hitting rappers?

Answer: With one of adult contemporary's** most winning tracks, of course!

13. Apples in Stereo - "Sunndal Song"
I was about to write "What the fuck is a 'sunndal,'" but then I found out.

14. Look Down - "Zack Morris Phone"
All right, here's my way of stumbling into Look Down: I was at Pawn America up on the hill, spending too much money on used pieces of plastic -- per usual -- when I saw a picture of five dweebs. I thought it was your average pawn shop find. (You will know exactly what I mean if you take a look this "awesomely bad" cover.)

, for some unknown reason, I decided to flip it over and look at the info.

You know, like, Is this a joke and these guys are actually really cool kind of thing or ... is this just another horrible pawn shop CD from the mid-'90s that time has understandably forgotten about?

First track? "Zack Morris Phone." Bam. (That's the sound of me excitedly slamming down my three bucks to see if it's as listenable as it is funny.)

I'm glad I took a chance. Look Down is one of the most intriguing groups to come out of the Twin Cities since Best Friends Forever, the Plastic Constellations or Better Off Airport. (Your choice.)

15. A - "Old Folks"
If "ageist" comments don't fly in your household, this track will surely not be welcome on your station wagon's "poppin' tin" stereo. (Good tune though!)

16. X - "Someone's Watching"
I swear, backing a track by A with one by X was wholly coincidental ... I am not lame.

Or at least I try not to be whenever possible....

17. Live - "Horse"
If you like your rock to straddle (so to speak) the C&W fence -- like my mix tapes frequently do -- here's another golden oldie, "Horse," aka the unlisted track on the group's landmark album "Throwing Copper."

18. The Strugglers - "The Latest Rights"
Coming in at a cozy place somewhere between Ireland's the Frames and France's My Diet Pill are the Strugglers, the best group to have a record deal everywhere except these here United States. (Yep Roc, are you listening? These guys are the new Wilco: Best snatch 'em up before Lost Highway does!)

19. The Jayhawks - "Save it for a Rainy Day" (live on Cities 97)
Heartbreaking. Epic. (And/or monumental.) Oh, and Minnesoter.

Jayhawks, how I miss thee.

20. Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel - "From Wisconsin"
This track draws comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel. While everyone is compared to Neutral Milk Hotel from time to time, this is one of the few acts (guys) who actually deserve that level of praise.

21. Wilco - "Walken"
I don't know for certain, but I'm guessin' this one's gonna rock when Wilco comes back to town Aug. 14.

22. Dylan Hicks - "Renaissance Man"
Like Mark Mallman, Dylan Hicks has mastered the crap out of unpretentious Minneapolis rock. Way to go; that makes me even more proud to say I was born in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Sorry, cheesy moment's over ... will never happen again.

23. Sonic Youth - "Superstar" (Carpenters cover)
Sonic Youth successfully taking on the Carpenters' greatest triumph? Who knew?

*Like you didn't know.
**At least it was contemporary in the '80s....

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