Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don't Tell a Soul, Vol. 32.5: Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yep (Cloud Cult for the Uninitiated)

After their monumental performance at the Grandma's Marathon Big Top Tent last Saturday night here in Duluth, my wife (as well as half of my friends) is positively obsessed with Cloud Cult. As such, she asked me to make a little mix tape (er-ino) with some of the group's best songs. Here's what I came up with.

Two quick notes before the fun starts: I have not included any tracks from "The Shade Project" and/or "Lost Music from the Lost Years" because ... well, I can't get my hands on them. (Help?) However, Craig Minowa has assured me that the group now has national distribution for its music and at least "Lost Music" will be repressed for the masses. Finally, I have provided links to free, artist-sanctioned (or at least I hope so) MP3s of the songs wherever available.

I hope this here playlist nudges you in the right direction (in other words, falling head over heels in love with Cloud Cult).


1. "Please Remain Calm"
2. "Living on the Outside of Your Skin"
3. "Where it Starts"
4. "Take Your Medicine"
5. "What it Feels Like to Be Alive"
6. "Moving to Canada"
7. "It's Gay"
8. "You Got Your Bones to Make a Beat"
9. "Washed Your Car" (live on KUMD)
10. "Son is Watching/You are My Sunshine" (live on WOXY)
11. "The Deaf Girl's Song"
12. "Untitled" (from "Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus")
13. "Chemicals Collide"
14. "As Long as You're Happy"
15. "On the Sun"
16. "Transistor Radio"
17. "Ready to Fight"
18. "Shape of 8"
19. "Alone at a Party in a Ghost Town"
20. "May Your Lives Be Long"
21. "Puck's 6th Birthday"
22. "Pretty Voice"
23. "Fairy Tale"
24. "Moon's Thoughts"
25. "Car Crash"
26. "Your 8th Birthday"

Agree? Write me. Disagree? Get your own damn blog.

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