Friday, February 8, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Norshor pics, Eric Dubnicka, Brendan Flynn/Off the Mike Mark and more!

Hey, perv, the Budgeteer is more than just sexy "Discover Duluth" photo spreads!

"Discover Duluth: Norshor Theater" -- Though owner Eric Ringsred’s decisions have been debated since he purchased the Norshor Theater in 1982, no one has ever questioned the building’s historic significance.

"Dubnicka Goes it Alone for Retrospective Show at Washington Studios" -- To celebrate his upcoming solo exhibit at the co-op’s gallery, the Budgeteer shot off some questions to local artist Eric Dubnicka.

"Off the Mike Mark: We are What You Say"
-- Brendan Flynn on his new group and the curse of the unmemorable band names.

"Pier Ice" -- This weekend's gorgeous cover, courtesy of yours truly. (Yeah, it might look a little familiar....)

"Minnesota Web Site Helps Teenagers Fine Part-Time Work" -- And it's pretty straightforward: Teenagers who log onto have the option of either browsing job listings by county or filling out a skills form so they can be matched to possible job openings.

Finally, another week, another "Where in the Northland is Matt Perrine?" bonus clue: This week's location reminds me of a killer Replacements tune!

p.s. Yes, those are waterwings....
p.p.s. Suoja was right: "SLC Punk" is a pretty entertaining flick!

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