Monday, February 18, 2008

Aerosmith rocks the 'Guitar Hero' (a very special mix tape)

In honor of Aerosmith's very own installment of "Guitar Hero," I have put together an Aerosmith-only mix tape -- which, you're right, is very heavy on "Permanent Vacation" (my personal favorite) material. Either way, I just hope some of these make the game's final cut!

1. "Dream On"
2. "Angel's Eye"
3. "Rag Doll"
4. "Sweet Emotion"
5. "Deuces are Wild"
6. "Shut Up and Dance"
7. "Draw the Line"
8. "Livin' on the Edge"
9. "Hangman Jury"
10. "Same Old Song and Dance"
11. "Nine Lives"
12. "Simoriah"
13. "Back in the Saddle"
14. "Just Push Play"
15. "Taste of India"
16. "Girl Keeps Coming Apart"
17. "Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side"
18. "Heart's Done Time"

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