Monday, February 4, 2008

It's ... my very first shameless plug! (James Wilsey's 'El Dorado' reviewed)

That's right; your fearless* Duluth Budgeteer News reporter, Matthew R. Perrine (hey, that's me!), has "stepped out" for a spell.

I recently helped out the fine folks at Local M with a review of James Wilsey's (The Avengers, Chris Isaak) brilliant solo disc, "El Dorado."

The review is only available at, so check it out now ... you know, before this whole Internet fad fizzles out!

*But he still bruises like a peach, so don't attempt to test this statement or anything....

"'s Rock for the Tots Returns" -- A little story I ran on Craig Rhode Jr.'s (aka Mr. Local M) excellent benefit concerts.

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