Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanks for teaching me a much-deserved lesson, Richie!

The best part about reviewing local media is that if you even hint that you didn't like a song or two on an album (heaven forbid!), you'll get a dozen e-mails and phone calls telling you to stop reviewing ... anything.

But this just one just takes the cake -- in response to my review of Sara Thomsen's "Everything Changes":


Reading your review of Sara Thomsen's new CD, I just had to comment. I know enough about Sara's music, her presentation of it, and even the production process, and you obviously simply don't know what you're talking about. Any comparison to Bill Isle's work shows the tiny-ness of your musical universe. With that as a reference point there isn't much hope that you are going to recognize true gifts. And that's not to say anything bad about Bill's music, only that comparing musicians and their art is comparing apples to oranges (kind of like when you referred to Jim Henson in writing about Mary Plaster's puppets. What?!).

I'm not writing because you dared to say anything negative about Sara's music, only that there are some people in every community who shouldn't be writing music reviews but do it anyway, and I believe you are one of them. But you will write, and people will suffer. It's how the world is right now.

You review was rather unkind and strange and missed the point. You should stick to reading other people's reviews of music and art. Then you'll actually know what's going on.

Richie Townsend

PS Perhaps this email will result in your writing a scathing article about my music in the future. That would be taken as a compliment at this point. It would be almost comical to watch you try to make sense of our music.

“Romantics are made of stardust, but cynics are made of the nuclear waste of dead stars”
Nancy Ellen Abrams

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