Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug

Haley Bonar, "Heavy Metal in Baghdad," Ana Popovic, Hojas Rojas, Mt. Wilson Repeater and the Arrowhead Library System's Bookmobile! Oh, and a couple random pictures!!

"Stuck Inside of Bev's with the Serbian Blues Again" :: Ana Popovic's performance July 4 at Bev's Jook Joint might be the last time you'll catch her in the Twin Ports before she hits it big as a ... pop star?

"Understanding the Arrowhead Library System" :: Jim Weikum, ALS’s director, explains Bookmobile, Mail-A-Book and how Duluthians can save money on audiobooks by renting them free from ALS’s Web site. exclusive!

"High Gas Prices" :: Not my title, but that is my picture.

"Black Mags" :: Another orphan photo of mine. exclusive!

CD REVIEWS :: Reviewed this week: Haley Bonar's "Big Star," Hojas Rojas' "Helium" and Mt. Wilson Repeater's self-titled debut.

"DVD Review: 'Heavy Metal in Baghdad' Essential Viewing" :: From scene one, in which the film crew dons flak jackets, it's pretty obvious that “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” isn't going to be your ordinary, average, made-for-PBS documentary. I already got a nice note from a friend of the band (Acrassicauda), so I'm pretty happy with this write-up. exclusive!

I also wrote a piece for the summer edition of Blueprint -- which I believe is supposed to print this weekend -- but I don't have it in front of me so I'll have to link to it next week. (I know, the suspense....)

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