Saturday, June 7, 2008

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My favorite (and most eclectic) mix tape in some time -- though they're all decidedly awesome:

1. Prince - "I Like it There"
No matter how many Prince records I collect, there's always more (at the door...) -- much, much more.

2. Cracker - "I'm a Little Rocket Ship"
Again, it's a good year for all the Cracker fans in the Twin Ports: They're coming to Superior!

3. Dion - "Doctor Rock 'n' Roll"
From Wikipedia: In 1966, Dion briefly reunited with the Belmonts for the album Together Again on ABC Records. Again, this bombed, despite one classic self-penned song, 'My Girl The Month Of May.' Although by this stage Dions career appeared to be nearing an end, he retained enough credibility to be, along with Bob Dylan, one of the only two pop artists featured on the album cover of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967." <- And this was before this gorgeous song was recorded.

4. The Thermals - "Here's Your Future"
Heard this closing out a third-season episode of "Weeds." Was wonderfully impressed. A post-punk gush to rival that of the Pixies.

5. Spoon - "Sister Jack"
Modern classic rock -- doesn't anyone else hear it?

6. Dance Band feat. Best Friends Forever - "Best Dance Alliance"
This is some goofy s***, and I really appreciate the nod to Bowie's most glorious decade.

7. Ghostface Killah - "Charlie Brown" [Orgasmic Remix]
I know I should dig Ghostface's solo records more than I do, so this Stargate-tastic remix is my way of making amends. (FYI -> A post about the original track on The Audiozine: Unreleased Ghostface track, supposedly produced by MF Doom. The rumor is that this was left off of Ghostface's "Fishscale" and "More Fish" albums due to sample clearance issues. The beat liberally samples the song "Alfomega" by Caetano Veloso, available on this compilation.)

8. David Bowie - "Speed of Life"
What an intro! Instantly hooks you, lures you in, etc.

9. Sigur Ros - "Gobbledigook"
I always imagined this group to be over-the-top pretentious -- maybe it is -- but this track is exceedingly beautiful.

10. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "Oregon Girl"
I'm glad to find out there's more to this group than a funny name. This song could move mountains.

11. She & Him - "I Should Have Known Better"
Speaking of "Weeds," check out season three's first episode for Zooey's best onscreen performance since "The Good Girl." (I know she was in one at the end of season two too, but it just wasn't as out-and-out hilarious as her exit from the series.)

12. Dwight Yoakam - "I Wouldn't Put it Past Me"
It is true: You get a big truck, you start reaching for the Dwight records more than you used to.

13. Josh Harty - "December"
Finally, finally, finally this modern-day troubadour fashions himself a follow-up to "Three Day Notice." (Though I honestly don't know when "A Long List of Lies" hits the streets....)

14. Spiritualized - "Soul on Fire"
Thanks, Walt, for introducing me to this terrific (haunting) track. I probably wouldn't have checked out this record otherwise.

15. Bob Dylan - "Joey"
In case you haven't already heard, I'm a born-again Dylan fanatic. Dig it.

16. The Alrights - "All This Time"
Also dig this: Precious indie pop from the Zenith City.

17. The High Speed Scene - "All About It"
These guys really need to end their recording hiatus. (I don't live in L.A. -- I can't make your shows!)

18. Live - "The Sanctity of Dreams"
Live may have dropped everything for Christian rock, but, dammit, the band's music is still pretty catchy. (And, yes, those rumors are true: Live will be playing a triple bill with Blues Traveler and Collective Soul at Bayfront Festival Park next month. Tickets are a little spendy, so I probably won't go, but I've seen Blues Traveler twice in concert and they are ... probably actually worth it.)

19. Mates of State - "My Only Offer"
Another lovely single from this husband-and-wife team.

20. Electric Six - "Take Off Your Clothes"
Funny stuff, though it's basically a rewrite of ... every other song they sing.

21. Tub Ring - "I Am the Robot"
Like an "Incubus-ized" Mr. Bungle (with a slight hint of Building Better Bombs). Very interesting.

22. Wire - "One of Us"
I shouldn't like these guys (suing Elastica and all), but, on the other hand, it's hard to stay mad at 'em.

Thus concludes your eighth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES.

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