Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the mix tape that cried corporate sponsorship (SYS7)

It feels good to be back in the swing of things. (p.s. I bought a decidedly "Mister Rogers"-worthy jacket at Ragstock today -- aren't you proud?)

1. Social Distortion - "Story of My Life" [LIVE]
Speaking of "Guitar Hero" (?), rumor has it a Metallica-themed edition of the game is on its way.

2. The Clash - "City of the Dead" [LIVE]
I stumbled upon "From Here to Eternity" at Pawn America recently, and it just about made my day.

3. Mason Jennings - "Your New Man"
After 2006's somewhat-disappointing "Boneclouds," Mason is back with a stellar new album and, as evidenced on this track, his sense of humor intact. His major-label prison sentence didn't suck the life out of him after all!

4. David Bowie - "As the World Falls Down"
I recently rediscovered "Labyrinth" (due to an unprecedented Jennifer Connelly obsession), and I must say I'm more than a little embarrassed that this song didn't make my awesome wedding mix tapes: This might be the most romantic song ever written.

5. Adam Ant - "Why Do Girls Love Horses?"
And this, kids, is why we listen to Walt Dizzo's radio show on Thursday nights. If it wasn't for him, I'm pretty sure I would have never heard this terrific (and obscure) gem. When I sequence my final mix tape, this one'll be right near the top. Thanks, Walt!

6. Standbye - "Don't Panic, Don't Panic, Don't Panic"
Frenetic indie rock for those upcoming hot summer nights.

7. Cracker - "1,000 Flower Power Maximum"
Cracker to play Superior's Head of the Lakes Fair -- I couldn't be more excited!

8. Les Savy Fav - "Sweat Descends" [LIVE]
Though that evening under the stars would be made even more memorable if these urgent-urgent-urgent Frenchkiss rockers were playing with them.

9. R.E.M. - "I'm Gonna DJ" [LIVE]
If I'm ever allowed back on air -- will work for cheap! -- this might not be a bad song to end the show with.

10. Dingus - "Teeth"
From my feature on this very deserving Minneapolis-by-way-of-Grand-Forks pop punk band: ... The group’s sophomore effort, “Please Stand By,” is an extremely polished affair. While still retaining their pop punk aesthetic, the album, released in December by Coon Rapids’ Soup Bowl Records, has elements of the Stereo, early Weezer and, showing off Dingus’ pop sensibilities, American Hi-Fi.

11. Blueprint - "Check Mate"
From Rhymesayers.com: It's been three years since the world has heard the sounds of Columbus, OH emcee/producer Blueprint. Those wondering when new music was going to be released can now sit back and enjoy. Blueprint vs Funkadelic is inspired by his rediscovery of the George Clinton led Funkadelic's catalog; writing rhymes to beats that Blueprint created using samples of their music. This project is FREE to download. Only 500 copies of the CD are available and ship with a free 11x17 poster at www.weightless.net. CD's are also available at www.fifthelementonline.com.

12. "Super Mario Bros." Medley (Compiled by David Dayton)
I can't believe how damned enjoyable this nostalgic piece of art is!

13. Electric Six - "Don't Be Afraid of the Robot"
Sounds like the Dames, drunk, with Dance Band's sense of funny.

14. Butthole Surfers - "The Shame of Life" [Radio Edit]
The Butthole Surfers ape A3 and ... it doesn't sound that bad. Not. Too. Shabby.

15. The Who - "Guitar and Pen"
Another embarrassing admission: It's taken me the better part of a decade to "discover" this late-career classic from one of my favorite bands.

16. Brian Wilson - "Let it Shine"
It's easy to dismiss Brian Wilson's solo output -- until you hear it.

17. Honeymoons - "Would You Believe?"
Found this at the "junque shoppe" up on Scenic Highway 61; never been prouder of a $2.25 purchase in my life.

18. She & Him - "This is Not a Test"
It's been a couple weeks since this album's release and *surprise* I'm still not sick of hearing Zooey Deschanel's sweet harmonies on my home stereo.

19. The Wrens - "Nightswimming" [R.E.M. cover]
Way to go, Stereogum: another brilliant, free tribute album!

20. Elefant - "Misfit" [Radio Mix]
Infectious, infectious, infectious.

21. The Takeover UK - "Lean on It"
UK's answer to White Light Riot? Seems like it.

Thus concludes your seventh dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES.

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