Friday, June 20, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug

Kritical Kontact, Heritage Sports Center, There and Back Books' Andrew Slade and lots o' pictures of Lincoln park Trail!

"Kritical Kontact: Putting Duluth Hip-Hop on the Map" :: Local hip-hop outfit Kritical Kontact is about to release what will most likely become its national calling card: “Evolution of Revolution" -- it's going to feature some production from Domingo (Eminem, Amy Winehouse, KRS-One and Fat Joe, among many, many others) and one of my favorite emcees, Kansas City's Mac Lethal, even drops by for a track!

"Andrew Slade Releases Second North Shore Guidebook" :: A Q-and-A with the Duluth author and field researcher, who runs There and Back Books with his wife, Sally Rauschenfels. exclusive!

"Discover Duluth: Lincoln Park Trail, Vol. I & II" :: Lincoln Park Trail rightfully deserves a place among Duluth's elite trails -- you know, the ones you bring out-of-town visitors to to show off how wonderful the city you call "home" really is. exclusive!

"The Start of a New Athletic Tradition in Duluth" :: This article by Matt Suoja on Duluth's wonderful new Heritage Sports Center feature a photo by yours truly.

Finally, I didn't write "Duluth-produced Mockumentary 'God Rocked' a Winner" -- my coworker Rose Case did -- but I believe it's something longtime Fly High, Duluth! perusers will enjoy. "...And on the 7th Day, God Rocked" (formerly known as "God Rocks") is 4 Track Films' debut, after all!* *We're not counting "Newton's Disease." Same people, but that was done a couple years before 4 Track was formed.

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