Monday, May 19, 2008

A&E FYI: Cracker coming to Superior!

Apparently Cracker, known for such hits as "Low" and "I Hate My Generation," will be playing this year's Head of the Lakes Fair in Superior. Sweetness! (The show will be at 8 p.m. July 25th, a Friday.)

From the band's Web site...

"damn. good thing i actually looked at the contract on this one. for some reason the routing sheet says duluth MN. wow, that would be a bummer. imagine if we had driven all the way to duluth and then found out he gig was in superior wisconsin!.. oh ... i see.. they are right next to each other. well let's just change the subject to vikings. not the football team. actual vikings. there are several unsubstantiated claims that the vikings actually made it all the way to the great lakes well before the spanish arrived in the new world. now of course there is evidence the vikings did make landfall in newfoundland, and may have possibly made it as far south as cape cod. there is no credible evidence that they made it to wisconsin. however every once in a while some crackpot will make the claim of having discovered a viking sword or something underneath their barn in upper minnesota, or wisconsin. this usually tuns out to be false. local claims that the vikings landed in superior wisconsin in the 9th century should be addressed with a nod and polite smile. then quickly walk away."

IMAGE INFORMATION: Cracker's Johnny Hickman and David Lowery. Photo by Danny Clinch

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