Friday, May 23, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug

The "new" Renegade Comedy Theatre, Minneapolis (by way of Grand Forks) pop punkers Dingus and ... rock stars and flags?!

"Renegade Carries on With New Artistic Director" :: A Q-and-A with Katy Helbacka, who replaced Brian Matuszak as the comedy troupe's new artistic director -- plus photos of the new/Dink Tank sketch comedy players!

"Dingus Still Loves You, Pop Punk" :: In the sea of indie bands, Dingus stands out. Not because the group’s members all hail from North Dakota, but because they’ve dedicated their lives to pop punk. I interview bassist/lead vocalist Jonathan Walters and guitarist/co-vocalist Sam Beere-Hasman.

"Vets' Hall Prepares for 'The Flag Soiree'" :: In preparation for Veterans' Memorial Hall's June 19 fund-raiser “The Flag Soiree," the organization's program director, Daniel Hartman, was taking rare flags out of storage Tuesday. (In the pics: Matt Lackie and Jes Seamans and Briana Smith of Best Friends Forever. Hail!)

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