Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Week's (Belated) Shameless Budgeteer Plug

Atmosphere, Jamestown Story, Jill Hall/Semblesque, the Bong Bridge's grad photos, Truckstop Souvenir and ... another attempt at getting you to look at my Homegrown pictures!

"Semblesque: 'Somewhere Between Carnival and Theater'" :: Jill Hall’s Semblesque Performance Company is back with a new home (The Venue at Mohaupt) and a fund-raiser this Saturday in preparation for its fourth major production, "The Night that Robin Died."

"Discover Duluth: Bong Bridge" :: A relatively young age is just one advantage the Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge has over its older counterpart, the John A. Blatnik Bridge (aka the “High Bridge”). My five-mile "jaunt" across the bridge and back yielded a fair share of images I'd like to share with you -- unless you have to walk across the bridge and back each day for work, then they won't seem so fun....

"CD Reviews: Atmosphere and Jamestown Story Make Minnesota Proud" :: Reviewed this week: Atmosphere's "When Life Gives You Lemons," Jamestown Story's "The Prologue" and, in brief, Thru the Static's self-titled sophomore effort and Truckstop Souvenir's "Leave Nothing Behind."

And, in case you missed it last week, I took some photos of Homegrown '08 for a exclusive.

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