Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Video Game News of the Weird: PETA rips off 'Mario' and MADD hates 'GTA IV'

First things first: No one expected "Grand Theft Auto IV" -- of which I attended a midnight sale for and took a day off of work to play -- to win over the hearts of the nation, but this sequel's scandal is starting early (well, in addition to the pre-release controversy...): MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, wants a stricter rating on the game, The Associated Press reports, because of the ability to make your in-game character, Niko Bellic, drive drunk.

I support both sides (kind of).

In defense of "GTA" creators Rockstar Games, after your character becomes inebriated, an info box pops up onscreen and urges you to hail a cab. If you ask me, that's pretty responsible; MADD getting, well, mad about this is like blaming Budweiser for you driving yourself home drunk.

On the other hand, as someone who is subject to spells of dizziness (almost to the point of "horking") when it comes to unsteady cams, I don't like this new feature of one of my favorite video game series.

So, to MADD's credit, this inebriation device in the game really isn't welcome anyway.

In other news, check out PETA's anti-Kentucky Fried Chicken "Super Mario Bros." ripoff, "Super Chick Sisters" -- it's actually kind of fun:

Play Super Chick Sisters!

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