Thursday, April 17, 2008


For this monumental awesome mix tape, I thought I'd celebrate by mixing some old favorites (circa a '96 mix tape I found) with newer ones. All these "early" tracks probably would've seemed a little more impressive had I released this when I constructed it more than a month ago....


1. Dealership - "For Sale"
If someone claims to like indie pop and doesn't list Dealership in their Top 5, don't trust a word out of their MF-ing mouths. (I'm super serial here!)

2. Death Cab for Cutie - "Why You'd Want to Live Here" (+)

3. The Plastic Constellations - "Stay that Way"
Rest in peace, brothers from another mother, rest in peace.... (What makes it even more heartbreaking is that the group's "indefinite hiatus" comes right before the release of "We Appreciate You," easily their strongest set of songs to date.)

4. Atmosphere - "Shoulda Known"
Have you guys been keeping up with Slug and Ant's show on YouTube, "Paint it Gold"? Classic stuff. Make sure to at least check out the latest episode below:

5. Heiruspecs feat. Slug - "In Regrets"
Once again, Sluggo steals the show!

6. The Breeders - "Bang On"
To put it politely, "Mountain Battles" is a challenging record, so this is probably the closest we'll ever get to another Kim Deal-penned "single" in our lifetimes.

7. Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Scooby Snacks"
Doesn't it just bring you back?

8. Throwing Muses - "Portia" (+)
"Like frat boys who sleep together / We party better." (Ha!)

9. Cloud Cult - "When Water Comes to Life"
Read my review of "Feel Good Ghosts" here.

10. Psychotica - "Ice Planet Hell"
Another CMJ find from way back when.

11. Metal Molly - "Orange"
Here too.

12. Iggy Pop - "Heart is Saved"
And here.

13. The Figgs - "Blame It All Senseless"
And here.

14. Jimmy from "South Park" - "So This Guy Walks Into a B-b-b"
This is so bad, but I generally quote Jimmy around the house so....

15. Combine - "Know Regrets"
If you like noise rock, I know you're gonna dig this.

16. Possum Dixon - "Emergency's About to End"
Pop is as pop does. Love it!

17. Gravity Kills - "Guilty"
As you can see, I was feeling awfully nostalgic when I put this one together (so many weeks ago).

18. Cowboy Mouth - "Jenny Says"
Saw these guys when they opened for Cheap Trick at the state fair. Wait, wait ... I think I have a story about that somewhere.

19. Squirrel Nut Zippers - "Put a Lid on It"
Makes me wanna learn how to play an instrument -- you know, besides that plastic guitar that consumes all of my time.

20. Pluto - "When She was Happy"
Helping Canadians escape their Bryan Adams-induced shame since the early '90s....

21. Rasputina - "Transylvanian Concubine"
Marilyn Manson-approved nightmare music.

22. Ho-Hum - "One Out of Ten"
This song always surprises me: It only gets better with age.

23. Love Nut - "She Won't Do Me"
Funny stuff right here. And catchy too!

24. Drew Neumann - "Long Time Iguana (Yay! A Bong!)"
Man, talk about the psychotropic immortality blues....

25. Nine Inch Nails - "Physical (You're So)" (Adam Ant cover)
As far as I'm concerned, NIN is back in style.

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