Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SYS2: A mix tape offering from Fly High, Duluth!

The contents for the second SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES awesome mix tape programme:

1. The Chemical Brothers - "My Elastic Eye"
A staple of my college years. Funny it took its usage in "The Butterfly Effect" to remind me of its awesomeness.

2. Atmosphere - "You"
Easily the single of the year. In fact, it's so memorable that it kept me up the other night. This [EXPLETIVE DELETED] is infectious: "You love the people that love you / You hear the music they move to / You give your all to the fall through / But you don't you don't you don't you don't know you."

3. The Plastic Constellations - "Floated Down and Flew Around"
As you might've expected, I will once again try to pimp out my album review of "We Appreciate You": "The album, easily their strongest set of songs to date, just happens to coincide with the boys’ recently announced 'indefinite hiatus.' It’s heartbreaking, to say the least — in fact, it’s OK to shed a tear or two when you first experience the aural bliss that is the unmatchable post-punk trio of songs that opens the album, 'Stay That Way,' 'Black Market Pandas' and 'Floated Down and Flew Around.' (Lord knows I did….)"

4. Does it Offend You, Yeah? - "Being Bad Feels Pretty Good"
Oh, and from my review of "You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into": "Instantly infectious, iPod commercial-worthy tracks like 'With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You)' and 'Being Bad Feels Pretty Good' bump up next to stylish, Killers-esque ’80s throwbacks ('Dawn of the Dead') and ... well, then there are tracks like 'Attack of the 60-foot Lesbian Octopus.'"

5. Baboon - "Lushlife"
A bridge song between the old, noise rock-Baboon and the new, hyper-stylized Baboon.

6. Bumblebeez 81 - "Pony Ride"
One of the last music videos I saw on one of the MTV channels. (Yeah, that was probably 2004....)

7. The Format - "The Lottery Song"
From the group's latest, an odds 'n' sods sort that's almost punk cheap.

8. The New Pornographers - "Falling Through Your Clothes"
Canadian rock royalty. All hail!

9. Hayes Carll - "Faulkner Street"
From this week's Electric Fetus newsletter (I recommend you sign up for it): "If you haven’t already heard of HAYES CARLL, you soon will. Carll has toured relentlessly (performing over two hundred shows a year), and he’s only getting started. On his new album, TROUBLE IN MIND, the 32 year-old Carll navigates his way through both stormy weather and calm, sun-drenched waters with ease, emerging with songs that melt even the hardest heart in town or heat up a roadhouse, all the result of plenty of real world experience. Musically, Carll blends the sound of Tony Joe White and Steve Earle. Check out a few tracks in our pop-up jukebox at efetus.com."

10. Steve Miller Band - "Going to the Country"
Although he declined to be interviewed by yours truly, I still love me my Steve Miller music.

11. Frank Zappa - "Peaches en Regalia"
And then there's Zappa, my newfound obsession. (If you have any old records of his sitting around, drop me a line.)

12. The Beach Boys - "Our Sweet Love"
A "Pet Sounds"-worthy gem from 1970's "Sunflower."

13. George Harrison - "Living in the Material World"
My favorite Beatle can do no wrong.

14. Finest Dearest - "Your Hometown"
Too bad this isn't really an ode to Crosby, Minn.

15. Frank Black and the Catholics - "Valentine and Garuda"
Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. I don't care if he did go "classic rock" for awhile -- I loved it!

16. Danny Michel - "Sweet Things"
Recommended if you like Cloud Cult, mid-period Flaming Lips.

17. Pedro the Lion - "Promise"
Nirvana's "Unplugged in New York" + anything by Cinerama = this gorgeous David Bazan creation.

18. Islands - "The Arm"
Horns, strings and an awkward, Beatles-y solo almost worthy of "Guitar Hero." Sweetness.

19. Dios Malos - "Staring at the Sun" (Daytrotter vers.)
From the impeccable group's upcoming third album.

20. Supertramp - "Dreamer"
One time, driving back from Duluth to said hometown, I hydroplaned listening to my copy of "Crime of the Century." That. Was. Terrifying. (How I remember that, no one will ever know....)

21. Danger Mouse - "Encore"
This Jay-Z/Beatles mash-up, which samples "Glass Onion" and "Savoy Truffle" (and, obviously, "Encore"), is probably the highlight of the illegal art masterpiece "The Grey Album."

22. David Schwartz - Theme from "Arrested Development"
I can't believe I found a decent MP3 of this catchy little jingle!

23. Air - "Another Day"
From the French duo's superb 2004 release "Talkie Walkie," another splendid, trance-inducing lullaby to daydream to. (Don't I sound like a pretty little girl....)

Thus concludes your second dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES.

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