Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug

A Duluth contender for president, Holocaust drama "Dear Finder," three cool books, Mac Lethal and another mention of this week's online-exclusive CD reviews!

"Keep an Eye on Margot Presley (aka What's Your Point, Margot Presley?)" :: It remains to be seen whether or not Hilary Clinton will break the White House’s sex barrier, which makes Duluthian Margot Presley's turn in “What’s Your Point, Honey?” all the more intriguing. I spoke with the recent University of Wisconsin graduate about the Project 2024 documentary, which recently debuted at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison.

"'Dear Finder' Revisited for 10th Anniversary" :: To celebrate the first decade of the award-winning Holocaust drama “Dear Finder,” the University of Minnesota Duluth and the play’s chief architect, Tom Isbell, are revisiting it with a brand new set of players. I chatted up Isbell, who was always one of my favorite professors during my brief UMD stint.

"Book Reviews: Minnesota's Best Amateur Photographer and Two North Shore Guides" :: Brad Zellar's “Suburban World: The Norling Photos," Stephen B. Daniel’s “Shipwrecks Along Lake Superior’s North Shore: A Diver’s Guide” and Deborah Morse-Kahn’s “Lake Superior’s Historic North Shore: A Guided Tour” reviewed. While I enjoyed all three, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of Irwin Norling's prints (which showcase the postwar boom of Bloomington, Minn.).

And, in case you missed this week's shameless midweek plug...

"Mac Lethal Returns to Duluth" :: Brash Rhymesayers rapper Mac Lethal brings his Rotten Apple Pie Tour to The Venue at Mohaupt May 9.

"Also Released 3" :: Reviewed this go-round: Does it Offend You, Yeah?'s "You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into," Hungrytown's self-titled debut and the soundtracks to "Jumper" and "Penelope."

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