Friday, October 26, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Brian Barber, the Buffali, Hartley Park and more!

The countdown to the Giljunko reunion at Pizza Luce on Halloween is on, so ... what to do, what to do ... oh, I know: Take a break from staring at your clocks and read the Budgeteer!

Or at least my stories:

"'B' is for Brian Barber, Illustrator Extraordinaire" -- This guy really is making us look bad. When he's not illustrating children's books, he's directing art (?) at WestmorelandFlint and playing drums/making sweet posters for Duluth's preeminent lounge act, Tangier 57.

"The Buffali are coming! The Buffali are coming!"
-- I had a lot of fun writing this column, I really did. p.s. Did you hear that the Buffali are coming?!

"Discover Duluth: Hartley Park, Vol. II"
-- It's the return. I know you heard it coming.

I also contributed photos to two fantastical Matt Suoja creations, "The King of All the Kernels" (check the supersweet recipe from the missus) and "Now's Your Chance to Throw Rocks at the House."

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