Monday, October 15, 2007

Set List: Storyhill @ Weber Music Hall 10.11.07

When Storyhill launched the current leg of its national tour last Thursday at UMD's Weber Music Hall, the results were awe-inspiring -- to say the least.

But that's now why we're here today (a full review of the folk rock duo's uncanny performance will appear in this weekend's edition of the Budgeteer*). No, we're here to rub it in with a set list from that night's performance ... take that, non-attendees!

1. "Somewhere in Between" (from 1995's "Clearing")
2. "New Year's" (from 1994's "Miles and Means")
3. "Good Rain" (from 1996's "This Side of Lost")
4. "Sacramento" (from 2006's "Storyhill")
5. "Ballad of Joe Snowboard" (from 2006's "Storyhill")
6. "Better Angels" (new John Hermanson song, I believe)
7. "Blazing Out of Sight" (from 2006's "Storyhill")
8. "Happy Man" (from 2006's "Storyhill")
9. "Highlight" (from 2006's "Storyhill")
10. "Old Sea Captain" (from 1996's "This Side of Lost")
11. "Mary on the Mountain" (from 1996's "This Side of Lost")
12. "What Was Wrong" (from 2002's "Dovetail")
13. "Full Circle" (Chris Cunningham song with group Sixth Sense)
14. "Love Will Find You" (from 2006's "Storyhill")
15. "Angel" (from 2002's "Dovetail")
16. "White Roses" (from 1996's "This Side of Lost")
17. "Paradise Lost" (from 2006's "Storyhill")


18. "If I Could"
(from 1994's "Miles and Means")
19. "Stillwater" (from 1995's "Clearing")
20. "Steady On"
(from 1995's "Clearing")

*If you can't wait that long, kill some time by reading my review of Storyhill's latest album.

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