Friday, October 19, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Haunted Shack, Lookdown Moon and Storyhill

We here at Fly High, Duluth!* appreciate the goodwill nature of Morgan Park's Haunted Shack enterprise, and all of the charitable contributions it -- and its creator, Pat Stojevich, of course -- makes throughout the community. All together now, a hefty CHEERS!

In that spirit, it was an honor to be able to tour this year's event and snap a few photos. Check out "Discover Duluth: Haunted Shack" to see what we/I came up with.

Also this week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ann Loop, frontwoman of the eclectic Duluth rock group Lookdown Moon. Hear what she had to say in "Lookdown Moon Readies Full-Length Debut."

Finally, this week's pride and joy, "Storyhill Does Duluth, or: Weber's $10M Price Tag Finally Pays Off" -- a concert review, of course! (Set list available here.)**

*OK, it's really just me, but I thought that sounded better....
**A special thanks to the group's unauthorized fan site for its near-complete Storyhill lyric database, which allowed me to figure out the set list a lot quicker than I would've been able to on my own.

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