Friday, October 5, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Kyle Underwood, CD reviews and skater pics

Life is swell, is it not?

I recently found out that 24 hours after I biked down a volcano in Maui (on my much-belated honeymoon), someone died doing the exact same thing!

So, yeah, I'm just happy to be here ... well, the recently purchased Pearl Jam box set "Live at the Gorge 05/06" didn't hurt, if you know what I mean. (Not one but two covers of my favorite song, "Baba O'Riley"!)*

All right, on with this week's "masterworks":

"Kyle Underwood: More than a Meteorologist" -- The proof's in the photos, my friends.

"CD Reviews: Say Hello to Duluth Songstress Leane Perius, Breaking Benjamin and the Black Lips" -- On second thought, you might want to say "goodbye" to Breaking Benjamin. Local singer/songwriter Leane Perius and Atlanta garage-rock titans the Black Lips, on the other hand ... well, they just might have released the best records of their respective careers. (To clarify: There is no doubt that Perius has, as "Virginia Wakes" is her debut record!)

Finally, I took some shots for David Buckner's "Skaters Flock to Recently Reopened Encounter." Not my best work, but I'm much obliged to Cody Mjolsness for sacrificing his skate time to "pose" (though "blurringly whiz past my camera" is probably more accurate LOL).

*It certainly is an "!"-y day, innit?

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