Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Tell a Soul, Vol. 50: This is finally happening

Good evening.

This right here (right now) is the latest installment of "Don't Tell a Soul." Like those that came before it, it is a mix tape of the "awesomest" caliber ... I only wish I were kidding.

As today is "Happy 'Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock' Day" in the Perrine household, I will not be providing "color commentary" with each mix tape selection.

So you'll just have to trust me on each and every one -- yes, even on the last one....

ANYWAY, like usual, to encourage the consumption of music that doesn't suck, I have provided -- wherever available -- links to free, artist-sanctioned MP3s of the songs.

Back to pretending to be a rock god!

(Questions? Comments? Want your band to be featured on an upcoming awesome mix tape? E-mail mperrine [at] duluthbudgeteer [dot] com.)

1. Rogue Wave - "Every Moment" (other MP3s available here)
2. Led Zeppelin - "Dancing Days"
3. Best Friends Forever - "Handpocket"* (listen here)
4. Eels - "Old Shit/New Shit" (listen here)
5. Super Furry Animals - "The Gateway Song" (listen here)
6. The High Strung - "The Luck You Got" (listen here)
7. Black Francis - "Threshold Apprehension" (listen here)
8. The Pixies - "Ana"
9. The Breaks - "Equidamus"
10. Hot Rod Circuit - "Weak Warm"
11. Supernova - "King Ding Dong"
12. Matthew Good Band - "Anti-Pop"
13. Apollo Sunshine - "Happening"
14. R.E.M. - "Lotus"
15. stellastarr* - "Jenny"
16. Fleming & John - "Delusions of Grandeur"
17. Galactic feat. Juvenile - "From the Corner to the Block"
18. The Hush Sound - "Crawling Towards the Sun"
19. The Stereo - "New Tokyo is Calling"
20. Matt White - "Play"
21. Warm in the Wake - "She'd Never Seen It" (listen here)
22. JJ72 - "Guidance"
23. The Swiss Army - "False Starts and Timelines"

24. The Broadways - "Dropjaw"
(Broadways song "15 Minutes" available here)
25. Five for Fighting - "Easy Tonight"

*p.s. Look for a review of Best Friends Forever's debut full-length, "Romance Conflict Adventure" -- out now on Plan-It-X Records -- in this weekend's edition of the Budgeteer.

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