Friday, July 13, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Gary and New Duluth, 'Fame' and some 'bodacious' CD reviews (y'all)

Yay, it's the weekend, and it's still (somewhat) summer-y!

"Gary and New Duluth: Not Always Synonymous" -- My "Neighborhood Spotlight" series (finally) continues with two communities I honestly didn't know much about going into the article. But I think my piece will serve as a decent-enough introduction for fellow "newcomers." (I'm especially proud of some of the could've-been-shot-way-out-west photos!)

"All-City High School Musical Returns"
-- Maybe it's a Matt thing (or maybe it's a class of '01 thing), but I really, really enjoyed talking to "Fame" director Matthew Pursi about theater -- something I know very little about.

"Piano Prodigy Gets Chance to Shine with LSCO" -- These kids are nuts ... they have to be so brave to get onto the stage at Weber Music Hall and run through the first movement of Beethoven's "Emperor Concerto" -- alone, and all without crying, mind you.

"CD Reviews: New Ones from White Light Riot, Shelter Belt and Justice" -- Minneapolis power poppers, Omaha's most intriguing collective (and/or just a big band) and -- as the Budgeteer's Web site warns -- a French electronic duo with tunes so abrasive listeners' faces will surely melt off. (As an added bonus, this story also includes another shot of White Light Riot's enjoyable Electric Fetus in-store acoustic performance.)

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