Friday, July 6, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: AT&T buys Cellular One, Al Franken, Amnicon Falls, a 'macro' guy and a crazy Southerner*

Wow, what a week!

"Discover Duluth: Amnicon Falls" -- This week I took my photo essay series to my "most favoritest" park in the world, Amnicon Falls State Park. Oh, yeah, it's a gas; you should probably check it out. (This week's "poster" is from those sessions.)

"AT&T Expands with Cellular One Acquisition" -- It's true. Good news for iPhone fans, (possibly) bad news for Duluth's 250 call center employees.

"More Human than Human" -- Great Lakes Aquarium employee Chad Netherland is going for his 10th world record this weekend, and it promises to be a "doozy."

"Mike Nordin: The King of Close-Up" -- If you like macro photography, you'll love Mike's new show at Beaner's. (It doesn't open until Thursday, so don't get too excited there, buddy boy.)

Finally, while I didn't technically write "Franken on Politics, Being Minnesotan and More," I was there at Lakeview Coffee House with the big man, sippin' a latte (like a little girlie man) and asking a few questions ... OK, I can't hold in my excitement anymore: We're living in the second Al Franken decade, baby!

(Please excuse that little outburst ... it's almost quittin' time!)

*Who just happens to be living in Duluth.
**OK, more photo than essay ... but I digress.

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