Friday, July 27, 2007

This Week's (Belated) Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Russians at Graffiti Graveyard, (more) mayoral candidates and (even more) CD reviews

Y'all excited for the Dave Mehling/Shelter Belt show tonight at Red Mug? Me too, me too. But, since that's at least a few hours away, here's some fun to keep you occupied:

"Mayoral Roundup No. 4" -- It's finally over (12 candidates is just too much ... anyone else agree it should cost more than $20 to file in Duluth's mayoral race?). Grievances aside, this final "episode" features Herb Bergson and three of his 11 opponents: Joanne Fay, Todd Gremmels and Robert Wagner.

"Hanging Out with Some Russians at Graffiti Graveyard ... Weird" -- Truly, truly probably the strangest assignment I will ever get on in my professional journalism career. That said, it was a blast!

"CD Reviews: New Ones from Billy Southern, the Very People and Simple Kid" -- The rundown: Southern plays some pretty fine folk music, the Very People don't (but are nice people, so don't hold it against them) and, while a few tracks on "Simp's" new album are "out of this world," the majority aren't.

ALSO: Although my contributions aren't deserving of a byline, I had a hand in putting together both "Al Franken Q-and-A: Part Deux" and "Mahtowa's Free Highway 61 Folks Festival Returns Aug. 3-5, Rain or Shine."

p.s. What'd ya think of "The Simpsons Movie"? Even though I haven't watched the show religiously since I was a kid, I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

p.p.s. I chose this photograph (to "pimp" my stories) in honor of this week's hot cop action.

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