Sunday, July 29, 2007

Don't Tell a Soul, Vol. 39 (Dedicated to the Women I Admire)

For the uninitiated, "Don't Tell a Soul" is my ongoing, semi-regular awesome* mix tape series.

And this, right here, is the latest installment.

As always, to encourage the consumption of music that doesn't suck, I have provided --
wherever available -- links to free, artist-sanctioned MP3s of the songs.


(Questions or comments? E-mail mperrine [at] duluthbudgeteer [dot] com.)

p.s. For this "very special" edition of my awesome mix tape series, I've chosen to dedicate each track to a woman I admire. This way I get to honor the great females that inhabit my world AND ... well, it's just a lot more easier than actually explaining why you would enjoy each individual track.

1. Apollo 440 - "'Are We a Rock Band of What...?'"
To my sister, Emily. She probably won't remember this, but she was the first one to turn me on to this group. "Stop the Rock," anyone?

2. The Chemical Brothers feat. Fatlip - "The Salmon Dance"
To Tina Fey, for an impeccable sense of humor.

3. Pearl Jam - "Mankind"
To Gretchen Lofquist, for always besting me in the category of full-blown, slightly obsessive PJ love.

4. The Beatles - "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)"
To "the Germans," Kirsten "Kiwi" Winkler and Dorothea Levin. During our trip to Bayfield, Wis., in 11th grade, "Past Masters, Vol. 2" was one of the albums we listened to out on the porch overlooking Lake Superior. (As a sign of the times, we were playing the card game "Bullshit.")

5. Ben Kweller - "Today" (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
For Jes Seamans. During high school I "interviewed" her and Bri Smith about their first band, Nothing Jive About Jupiter (they're now two-thirds of Best Friends Forever). I remember Jes saying that, in a just world, "Today" would've seen the success of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" -- not just in sales, but in cultural relevance. For some reason, this has always stuck with me. (So, I hope I'm remembering who said what correctly....)

Either way, here's Plan B: Jes is the coolest bass player since Kim Deal, and I assume she learned at least a few moves from D'arcy before D'arcy ... vanished into thin air.

6. The Scissor Sisters - "Laura" (City Hi Fi remix)
To my aunt of the same name. Last time she was in town, she brought me out to the Miller Hill Olive Garden when her husband was having surgery at SMDC. Free food will always score you loads of points with me!

7. Kanye West - "We Don't Care"
To Rebecca Ingraham (now Larson) and her "girlie crew," for making that summer at Fargo's Trollwood Performing Arts School tolerable. (For those three hot, sticky months, "The College Dropout" was in deep rotation on my car stereo.)

8. Self - "Wednesday Again"
To my editor, Jana Peterson, for allowing Wednesday to always be deadline day. (Read: Thanks for not firing me, eh!)

9. John Vanderslice - "Karma Police" (Radiohead cover)
To my best friend's girl, Liz Hartman. With you around, I don't need to listen to nearly as much Radiohead with him as I used to. LOL

10. Sean Na-Na - "Gray Clouds"
To every female record store clerk I've ever had a crush on -- starting with Erin at The Gallery in Brainerd....

11. Ultrababyfat - "Twist"
To my niece, Valerie Claire: I hope you're as cool as these ladies when you grow up.

12. The Broken West - "On the Bubble" (live on Radio K)
To Sofia Coppola. I like the way you direct, and your taste in music is superb.

13. America - "Lonely People"
To all the faded crushes ... they deserve a place on here too.

14. Blind Melon - "Toes Across the Floor"
To Briana Smith, for our less-than-successful seance. (We were attempting to channel the spirit of Shannon Hoon.)

15. The Wrens - "It's Alright"
To Heidi Myogeto, for all those wonderful nights spent in the metropolis that is Emily, Minn. (p.s. For all those shitty movies I made you sit through, I apologize most for "Frenzy." I have nothing against the film, but, man, you probably thought I was fucking nuts or something. LOL)

16. Badly Drawn Boy - "Degrees of Separation"
To all three of my grandmothers. It probably wasn't easy dealing with me as a kid, so I apologize for that -- and the fact that you all still "claim me" is really just a tribute to what wonderful women you all are.

17. The Weakerthans - "One Great City!"

To my good buddy Kristi Lang, for one very memorable road trip to Winnipeg (to see the Pixies, of course ... that's the only reason to visit Canada**).

18. They Might Be Giants - "Kendra McCormick"
To Kendra McCormick. (Hey, if she's good enough to win CD101's radio contest, then she's good enough to get name-checked on this here blog!)

19. Rufus Wainwright - "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk"

20. Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Sweet Hitch-Hiker"
To Theresa Lashyro -- winners of "best laugh" in high school gotta stick together!

21. The Coral - "Dreaming of You"
To Jenna "Pam! Pam!" Fischer, for forever holding the No. 1 spot on my "laminated list." LOL

22. The Clash - "Know Your Rights"
To Hillary Clinton -- if (and only if) she selects Obama as her running mate. Like Voltron, they will combine to form an unwavering, unstoppable (Democratic) force.

23. Unified Theory - "Wither"
To Amy Holmvig. Despite the outcome, we still had a couple good years.

24. Cordalene - "Who Loves the Sun?" (Velvet Underground cover)
To Grace Kelly, for unparalleled beauty. (There's a reason "Rear Window" is quickly becoming my favorite film....)

25. Andy Fairweather Low - "When I Grow Too Old to Dream"
Finally, to my lovely wife Sarah, as she's possibly the only one that will still tolerate me when I'm wearing adult diapers. LOL

*No joke!
**Totally kidding. I've actually been half-tempted to relocate to Canada for some time now.

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