Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A&E FYI: Best Friends Forever to headline Geek Prom 2009

Budgeteer News
Published Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It was recently announced that Twin Cities indie pop sensations Best Friends Forever will headline this year's Geek Prom, to be held April 18 at Great Lakes Aquarium.

The trio made its Duluth debut back in December of '06, when they headlined Diorama-rama 2 at the old Emerson Gym.

“This is historical,” BFF’s guitarist and co-vocalist Briana Smith joked back then.

In that same interview, Smith explained to the Budgeteer that her group had performed under stranger circumstances.

“On our tour this past summer we played at a rollerskating rink in Richmond, Va., and we were set up and played in the snack bar," the Crosby, Minn., native said. "It was this big punk festival, and we are so not punks. There were hundreds of punks. They were all drinking beer and spilling beer all over the rollerskating rink, and people were slipping on it.

“We weren’t sure how we would go over, but people liked it.”

BFF's first full-length for Plan-It-X Records, "Romance Conflict Adventure" (featuring the Star Tribune- and Minnesota Public Radio-approved "Eisenhower is the Father"), was released in 2007, and the group's debut EP for Say & Stay Said was recently reissued with hard-to-find vinyl tracks.

For more information on this annual event, visit And, to get a taste of the BFF action, head on over to


Anonymous said...

That Bri is just too darn cute. If only I was half the eye candy that is Orlando Bloom (sigh)...

How does one get a copy of this EP?

Matthew R. Perrine said...

At the shows -- Bri sells 'em cheap!