Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm getting so far behind with these awesome mix tapes that it's not even funny anymore. Therefore, if I make no sense tonight, forgive me -- just go out and listen to these songs. You won't be disappointed. Promise, promise.

1. Dynamite Hack - "Switcheroo"
I almost died listening to this song in early '02. Good times.

2. Piebald - "The Monkey Versus the Robot"
Love these lyrics: "We have the best job ever / Yeah, we really got lucky / We're nobody's robot / We're nobody's monkey."

3. The Shazam - "Super Tuesday"
Not really about politics. This is a good thing.

4. Riddle of Steel - "Easy Love"
Some things I learned about my new favorite band, Riddle of Steel (aka St. Louis' answer to Cars & Trucks) -- in no particular order: Drummer Rob Smith is also in the band Traindodge, this is their last month together as a band and www.hotdudesrockinout.com is probably the best URL you can purchase to send traffic to your MySpace page. R.I.P. R.O.S.

5. Local H - "High-Fiving MF"
More lyrics to base your existence on: "You've got no taste in music / And you really love our band / Your haircut is atrocious / It's been the same since '83."

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Sikamikanico"
Looking back at this classic soundtrack cut ... what happened, guys?

7. Apollo Sunshine - "I Was on the Moon" [MP3]
Download it. Love it. Buy it. Love it even more.

8. The Beatles - "Dear Prudence"
Some crazy-cool news out of the Zenith City: A bunch of Duluth musicians will get together Oct. 6 at Sacred Heart Music Center and play the Beatles' guess-who's-40 "White Album" in its entirety. Come on, Cars & Trucks tackling "Happiness is a Warm Gun"? Doesn't get much better than that. I'm pretty sure "Duluth Does White" will be a massive success. Hopefully someone -- hint, hint, Eric Swanson -- will hit "record" from the adjoining studio. Either way, stay safe by getting your tickets here.

9. The Aliens - "Tomorrow"
Ex-Beta Band players return triumphantly. Much better than the stupid King Biscuit Time s--- Steve Mason pushed on unsuspecting fanboys back in the day. Download "Robot Man" here.

10. David Bowie - "Boys Keep Swinging"
My wife and I caught a skunk this morning. Funny -- and cute -- but oh-so-stinky. This song makes me feel better, though.

11. Belle and Sebastian - "Act of the Apostle"
You definitely have to be in the right mood to fully enjoy some B&S "action," but this one's a winner even if you're in the worst of 'em. Download "Another Sunny Day" here.

12. Frank Black - "Superabound"
I know it's not the cool thing to admit, but, of all the Pixies, Black Francis definitely has the most consistent solo career.

13. Ash - "Petrol"
I never thought I'd say this, but I love my iPod. I'm rediscovering tracks I haven't "stumbled upon" in years.

14. Jason Loewenstein - "Codes"
Always a staple of my non-wife mix tapes. Sadly, when most people hear the word "Sebadoh," they only think of Lou Barlow. Download two songs here.

15. Ryan Adams - "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be Young)" [MP3]
Probably best known for its inclusion on the "Old School" soundtrack. Still, I like it. A lot.

16. Jon Rauhouse feat. Neko Case - "The World is Waiting for a Sunrise" [MP3]
Remember, kids, this pretty faux-Canadian lass wants to be a ninja....

17. Mason Jennings - "Flight Path" [Live]
Why is this still unreleased? Mason Jennings, I'm boycotting your shows until this gem sees the light of day!

18. NOFX - "Hotdog in a Hallway" [MP3]
He he he.

Thus concludes your twenty-third dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series previously known as Don't Tell a Soul.

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