Friday, August 31, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: District 5, judge/author Mark Munger and the U.S. Slivovitz Festival ... baby!

While not admiring Verbena's "Souls for Sale" album this week (does anyone else see the connection?), I managed to squeeze in a few stories:

"Three Seek to Unseat Russ Stover in District 5" -- My favorite part about this whole experience was talking to Russ about the police at Beaner's, while the bank less than two blocks away was being robbed -- and the genius thief tried to get away in a taxi, no less!

"Slivovitz Fest Heads to Lakeview Castle" -- According to sources, plum brandy is the new tequila. (Whether or not these sources run the U.S. Slivovitz Festival is just irrelevant, innit?)

"By Dawn's Early Light: District Court Judge Mark Munger Writes Whenever He Sees a Chance" -- I didn't have the heart to tell Mark that I roll into work around 10 a.m....

p.s. I also had a hand in putting together the Budgeteer's "mayoral forum," which Meg Bye and Don Ness have been gracious enough to "attend."

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