Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Best of (the Worst of) Fly High, Duluth!

Greetings! Lawrence tagged me for this "Best of" Meme, in which -- just so you know, I've decided to rip off his explanation, pretty much verbatim, for this whole experiment -- the blogger is supposed to pull out 10 or fewer posts that represent his or her high points to date. I decided to lift out 9 posts that:

1) were original work,
2) showed the variety of things I did on my blog, and
3) may have not received much attention the first time I published them

First of all, I hate Lawrence for doing this to me, because he assumes that A) I do anything even remotely original on my blog, B) "variety" is a word in the Fly High, Duluth! lexicon and C) my blog ever receives attention.

Regardless, an introductory message for all those new to the Fly High, Duluth! "experience": This here blog is my main outlet for archiving pet projects, entertaining myself and promoting things/fake secretaries I love.

On the other hand, here are a few posts (and series) I'm quite proud of:

"Don't Tell a Soul, Vol. 27: Wear Your Headphones, and I'll Whisper You the Code" -- I could've picked any installment of my awesome mix tape series, but, at least for me, this one is a special marriage of choice cuts and my amateurish forays into "cover art."

And if awesome mix tapes weren't enough, with "Don't Tell a Soul, Vol. 11: Mark Mallman Rules, OK?," I started occasionally featuring just one artist. Even cooler was Mallman's response after I told him about it on MySpace: "
RE: My Awesome Mallman Mix Tape No. 6
Body: Matt -

very cool. thank you! quite spot on in the PERSUASION "Travelling Wilburys" comparason... I actually was thinking of CONGRATULATIONS when I wrote that song... crazy! very. Interesting choices very flattering indeed....


Of course, I'd be remiss to neglect my "This Week's (Shameless) Budgeteer Plug" series. (The one I selected here has a "very special" photographic tie-in with a recent Twin Ports drug bust.)

"Nothing Says 'We Need to Have a Talk' Like..." -- I'm still strangely proud of this post, which is probably the first unofficial "Today's Moment of Zen." (And, no, I'm not ashamed of myself for so blatantly ripping off "The Daily Show." It's an homage ... yeah, that's it.)

"Failed Attempts of Stay-at-Home Copy Editors, Pt. 1" -- No need to worry, my friends, the spiteful (vindictive even?) streak that started at The Spectrum is still alive and well.

Finally, "'Scrubbed in Sunshine'" proves I do, indeed, have a serious side. I may not be the "Nancy Grace of the Twin Ports," but I like to believe ... OK, there's no way to finish this sentence without sounding pretentious; so, instead, I'll simply let you read the post and make up your own mind about my level of pretension.


Okay, meme accomplished! I hereby tag Klang (and her "dream cronies"), Suoja, Swany, Sybil and Greg "The Tooth" Boose.

Meme Rules:

1. Please try to limit your post to 10 items or less.
2. Tag five.
3. Take your time. Do some digging in the archives and find the perfect ones -- it’s to your advantage more than anything else.
4. Please if possible, link to this post for meme info, and please link to the post that you were tagged in. Memes go on for quite a long time and, when trying to follow one backwards to see some of the other posts, it gets quite difficult when only the blog URL is used. Just a request.
5. The people you tag, please let them know by email, contact form or some other efficient method.

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