Friday, August 24, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: District 3 candidates, Hog Island pics, (almighty) photographer Bruce Ojard and Brenda Weiler's marvelous new CD

I'm spent -- journalism is hard... (ha!) -- so let's shake a little Budgeteer action already:

"Three Seek to Represent Diverse District 3 on Council" -- As expected, I chatted with District 3 candidates Sharla Gardner, Heather Rand and John Rathe. It's quite the diverse district (as noted in the headline he he he), so the race is definitely one to watch.

"Discover Duluth: Hog Island" -- My photo essay series finally gets around to one of my favorite places in Superior, Hog Island -- a former Wisconsin DNR "toxic hot spot." (Yowsas!)

"The (Secretly) Genius World of Bruce Ojard" -- It's funny* how I came across Duluth photographer Bruce Ojard's 1979 masterpiece "Jesus is Lord." It was at this year's Park Point Rummage Sale,** where some very generous (read: quite foolish) man give it up for a pair of quarters -- yeah, 50 cents for the coolest image I've seen in ages!

"CD Reviews: New Releases from Brenda Weiler and Nordic Angst" -- Brenda is unstoppable. Nordic Angst, on the other hand ... well, let's just say I'm about as welcome at one of their shows as I am at one featuring the Very People....

*Well, at least it is to me and ... oh, come now, would it really kill you to humor me? Really, you're already dying a little inside? Well, I'll be [EXPLETIVE DELETED]....
**Which is, by my own accord, almost as much fun as getting a full paper grocer's sack full of CDs for only $3 at the library's crazy "book" sale.

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