Monday, May 10, 2010


This is a mix tape, and it is awesome.

1. Shinichi Osawa - "Star Guitar" (Chemical Brothers cover)
It seems weird to "cover" a techno song outside of remixes and/or ain't-it-cool coffee shoppe jams, but Shinichi Osawa (aka the man behind Mondo Grosso), a fellow electronic-music artist, serves it up "electro house" style. And you know what? He succeeds. Admirably.

2. She & Him - "In the Sun"
Cute is what M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel aim for and ... again, great success.

And for the question-and-answer portion of today's post: "Are you a chick?" "Nope, but I can see why you'd feel the need to ask that after seeing this song on here...."

4. Typhoon - "Starting Over"
Yes, it's a little slow at first, but it doesn't take long for this to work its way under your skin.

Like some disgustipating "Fringe" parasite....

5. Let's Wrestle - "In Dreams"
Funny name, straight-up enjoyable sound. *author wishes he was back in Hawai'i*

From my review of "Woman at Work," a completely free album put out by this talented Chicago lady: "... Other highlights include the slightly grime-y anthem 'Open for Business,' the Ándre 3000-evoking 'Quickfire Challenge' and 'My Bucket Song,' her frenetic, dubstep-leaning ode to her hometown."

7. Rusko - "Woo Boost"
From my review of "O.M.G.!": "The Leeds-raised musician, aka the world’s foremost purveyor of the 'dubstep' genre, has been steadily solidifying a fervent following thanks to high-profile remixing jobs for Basement Jaxx, the Prodigy and Little Boots."

8. The Clean - "In the Dreamlife U Need a Rubber Soul"
It takes a lot of nerve to reference Prince, the Beatles and (one can imagine) Olivia Tremor Control in a single song title, but ... to be honest, this song doesn't sound much like any of those groups.

Which makes the whole experience even more peculiar....

This week's candidate for your new favorite band. Sincerely.

10. Freelance Whales - "Generator ^ Second Floor"
More songwriters need to utilize the "^" symbol (SHIFT+6), which is apparently called a "caret" or "circumflex."

See, now you can't e-mail anymore and say you never learn anything from these here awesome mix tapes.

Thanks for the tip, Spin's Peter Gaston: "... the Joy Formidable recall the '90s alt-rock of Belly, but with a guitar ethos that's clearly been shaped a bit by the post-millennial post-punk of bands like Interpol and Editors." [Read his article "The 11 Best Moments of Bamboozle" here.]

If my myriad pleas for you to familiarize yourself with this Format "offshoot" haven't worked yet, I shall cry myself to sleep tonight.

This is not a threat.

More importantly, where has [the girl from NDSU who kind of, sort of looked like Pam from "The Office"] gone? I miss that brave little toaster.

14. Mumford and Sons - "White Blank Page"
Like a perfect timpani roll, this little ditty starts off as a sleep-inducing piece of rock-less numb before it gradually crescendos, becoming a grandiose, awe-inspiring epic.

Give it time, I guess is what I'm saying.

As the title implies, this song (and accompanying NSFW video) is a tribute to the "erotic arts" in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The "naughtybilly" trio behind this XXX anthem wants to attract the attention of the sex industry because they've always wanted to play during Las Vegas' annual Adult Entertainment Expo.

Man, talk about "Naked Ambition." (Lame, I know.... ha ha ha)

16. Storyhill - "Town Talks"
A context-free highlight from my interview with Storyhill's John(ny) Hermanson, who was busy working on "Shade of the Trees" when we spoke last spring: "Because Chris and I have our other projects going now, it’s easier to kind of let go of certain songs and allow them to be Storyhill songs fully — let the other guy really influence the end result."

17. The New Pornographers - "Crash Years"
A context-free highlight from my interview with the New Pornographers' resident heartbreaker, Neko Case: "Carl (Newman) asked me to be in the band. None of us ever thought of it as a side project. It’s the Canadian way to be in several bands at once."

18. MC1980 feat. MC Pigpen, Dusk One, Bliss and Pat Maine - "Where I'm Coming From"
... And a context-free highlight from my interview with Cory Jezierski (aka MC1980) when he was still with the metal band Number One Common: "I try to listen to everything just to keep it fresh and get different ideas. I listen to a lot of metal too, but I think the stuff that really influences me to write — whether it’s music or lyrics — ends up not being metal."

Slug is everywhere these days. Follow this Rhymesayers Entertainment link to see what you might've missed.

20. Drew Danburry - "Non a McMerde"
From my review of "Goodnight Dannii": "How does this guy do it? In the past five years, Danburry has played more than 750 shows throughout the world. On top of that, the songs that make up 'Goodnight Dannii' were recorded in not one or two but five cities."

21. Deer Tick - "20 Miles"
Primus' distorted-bass meanderings meet the Devil Makes Three's sense of authenticity. Good stuff.

22. Cloud Cult - "Running with the Wolves"
This was recently featured in my "Song of the Week" series for the Duluth Budgeteer News: "The track, perhaps Craig Minowa and company’s most mainstream-sounding single to date, can actually be found on two separate releases: the Earth Day EP of the same name and Cloud Cult’s upcoming album, 'Light Chasers,' which will be released Aug. 17."

Thus concludes your seventy-third dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul." I hope you enjoyed yourself immensely.

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