Monday, June 21, 2010


This is a mix tape, from me to you. And it is AWESOME. Kittens!!!

1. Bis - "Tell It to the Kids"
If you can get past the a-little-too-long-at-45-seconds intro/skit, you're in for an undeniably bratty/catchy blast of sing-along punk.

2. The Impossibles - "Face-First!"
If all songs sounded like Impossibles songs, life would be just perfect. On the other hand, my job as a music critic would be quite boring with everything sounding so, well, perfect.

If Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" were re-imagined as a hip-hop jam sporting the "MPLS sound," then ... wait, are we sure that's not what Grieves and Budo were attempting here?

4. Shout Out Louds - "Fall Hard"
As much as I like freewheelin' indie rock bands like this, there's no chance they'll ever become a household name. And that makes me sad.

5. Broken Bells - "The Ghost Inside"
Did you, like everyone else on Earth, enjoy Danger Mouse's work with Gorillaz? Well, I hope it didn't hurt when he pulled this bouncy No. 1 with the Shins' James Mercer out of his ass. In other words, similar ingredients, similar smile-inducing results.

6. OutKast - "Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 2)"
Know what else makes me sad? The fact that Andre 3000 isn't putting out more music. I mean, I realize "The Love Below" would be hard to top, but what's with releasing the only-OK "Idlewild" and then just fading away/scoring shows for the kiddies?

7. Ash - "Arcadia" [Live]
Enjoy (the sound of one of my favorite bands coming out on top)!








Funny: I had originally typed "zzz" here as placeholder text, but, now that I'm actually revisiting this long-in-the-works mix tape, I'm starting to think "Zzz...." would have been quite an appropriate burn.

I kid, I kid. This song is wonderful if you're in a certain type of mood.

9. System of a Down - "Soldier Side"
A nice little intro piece before ...

10. Rocket From the Crypt - "Heads are Gonna Roll"
... some explosive fun! (Slightly on-topic hint: RFTC need to go to here.)

Apparently this B&S (aka Kevin Ratterman of Elliott and Wax Fang) collaboration was originally released on the fifth volume of the "Louisville is for Lovers" compilation as a hidden track. I only slightly know what that means, so please be a good Fly High, Duluth! reader and utilize Google.

Before I got a promotion and *ahem* totally lost my mind, I used to do a little series called "Song of the Week." This was one of them.

If storyteller rappers are what you live for, you need to download this, ASAP-like.

Marah is now a ... boy/girl duo? What? I'm not entirely sure what happened, so read this if you want to understand it yourself. Either way, the "new" Marah's sound is pretty great. No complaints here.

Akin to the wonderful world of Best Friends Forever, though slightly more frenetic, I reckon.

16. The Apples in Stereo - "Dance Floor" [FREE MP3]








While only time will tell if the "MacGruber" feature film will meet the fate of most "Saturday Night Live" spinoffs, at least this song (from its soundtrack) is worth its weight in gold ... '80s radio gold, that is.

Since I've already embarrassed myself at least a trillion times on this music blog, why not add another to the "it's not hip to be square" pile: I've been listening to -- and enjoying -- craploads of Hall and Oates songs of late, both the beautiful originals and beautiful covers, like this one and the entire album of them the Bird and the Bee put out.

19. Wolf Parade - "Ghost Pressure"
See No. 8. I'm not trying to be a jerk, just ... well, it's funny how much you can be into something one day and, a few months later, find yourself asking, "How many boxes of Mini Charleston Chews was I consuming at that point in my life?"

20. Vetiver - "Everyday"
On that, I would gladly hop around your neighborhood to this song to score another box (or 12) of those -- or, what the heck, I'd even take a couple tasty "star bits" for the gesture. (What ... "Super Mario Galaxy" reference not doing it for you?)

(Note: Before you read this one, just remember that I wrote it a while ago; while something along the lines of "It was a good week for this 23-year-old Texan when I wrote this" might've made more sense, it just sounds kind of stupid. So now you're stuck with both and, as long as I've gone this far, our lives probably suck that much more because of all this wholly unnecessary note-writing....)

It's been a good week for this 23-year-old Texan: Yesterday I heard Paste declared her "the best of what's next," and today it was announced that she will be hitting the road with Lou Barlow.

Lou Barlow, man!

22. Band of Horses - "Factory" [FREE MP3]








23. Avi Buffalo - "What's In It For?"
Best opening line in some time: "I walked in on a plan to dissolve all of your wishes."

Thus concludes your seventy-fourth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tapes series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul." Neat, innit?

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