Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, I humbly present ... "Don't Get Mad, Get Disappointed":

An entertaining, context-free highlight from my interview with MTGM's Del Monte Carlo: "There are a lot of really good bands from Madison, and I encourage anyone who likes music to check them out, but Mad Trucker Gone Mad is the best. It’s true."

2. Surfer Blood - "Swim"
Work your way past the hype -- most of which is actually deserved, now that I think of it -- and you're in for a mighty fine, vaguely post-punk time.

3. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - "Home"
It doesn't make up for the fact that Ima Robot is no more, but "Home" makes me this much closer to forgiving Mr. Sharpe (aka Alex Ebert) for allowing the disillusion of that impeccable, Grandaddy-goes-Hollywood group.

From "Song of the Week IX"This rock quartet, which will soon blaze the nation alongside Blitzen Trapper, will particularly appeal to fans of the Tisdales, Grand Archives and Magnolia Electric Co.

5. Bill Finn - "Before"
A nice little instrumental piece before...

6. Lil Jon feat. LMFAO - "Outta Your Mind"
...a mammoth, foundation-shaking club "banger" that probably doesn't need any more publicity.


8. MC1980 - "Perfect Summer Day"
It looks like Cory Jezierski, frontman of the now-defunct hard 'n' heavy act Number One Common, has officially turned his attention to spitting rhymes full-time (he's also in the two-man hip-hop crew Modern Gentlemen with Kritical Kontact's Bliss):

9. Lifter Puller - "The Langelos"
It's official: The Hold Steady is coming to ... Hayward, Wis.? (With the Whigs to boot!)

10. Local Natives - "Sun Hands"
What did I learn about this group's former incarnation, Cavil at Rest? Well, on iLike, Sharon Chin called them "hot boys with a hot sound." ha ha ha

From "Song of the Week X"Despite a runtime of less than two minutes, these Pacific Northwest kids make quite the impression here. I’d especially recommend this blistering post-rock track to fans of Les Savy Fav, Oranges Band (if you swap out the sunshine for fog) or Dean Whitmore’s other associated groups: Welcome, the Dipers and, my personal favorite, the Intelligence. This is some truly exciting stuff.

And now for another enlightening, context-free highlight from an interview I've conducted for the Budgeteer -- this time with Bath Aide/Danecdote mastermind Daniel Nelson: "My influences come directly from my initial fascination with drums. Then, about four years ago, I stumbled upon IDM/electronic artists such as the Flashbulb and Wisp — out-of-state musicians who share the same creative connection as I. Eventually I found recording with software to be much easier, found a genre that I liked and now I’m still walkin’ that road."

13. Brent Deboer - "You Win"
Perhaps it is because "Fathead" isn't an original member of the Dandy Warhols that this doesn't sound like the Dandy Warhols whatsoever. Great success!

14. Spose - "I'm Awesome"
Is this joke-joke-joke rapper from Wells, Maine, the second coming of Andy Samberg's Lonely Island recording project? It certainly sounds so. If he's not invited to join that crew, he should at least be invited onto "Saturday Night Live" to work on one of Andy's prized "SNL Digital Shorts."

No Canadian jokes today. Nope, not at the expense of Tiga. (Big C would be so proud....)

16. Archeology - "Memorial"
Another "Song of the Week" alumnus, this Portland group would particularly please fans of the Terrordactyls, Pleasant Grove and Sir Salvatore.

17. Drew Danburry - "Aubrey Debauchery"
Hey, I just reviewed this song's parent album (alongside new ones from Psalm One and Rusko), and I simply implore you to check out my write-up. A sneak peek: "How does this guy do it? In the past five years, Danburry has played more than 750 shows throughout the world. On top of that, the songs that make up 'Goodnight Dannii' were recorded in not one or two but five cities."

Some math I can relate to: David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) + Frank Lenz (ex-Starflyer 59) + Nick Peterson (ex-Fleet Foxes) = Headphones.

19. Good Old War - "My Own Sinking Ship"
Randomly enough, I was turned on to this group by Kelsey Fales, an intern at Aware Records. Here's what she had to say about the group in a mass e-mail:

I started listening to Good Old War after Steve Smith, the VP of A & R here at Aware, mentioned them in a Q & A session the interns had with him. I likedGood Old War instantly. With their folk throwback sound, perfect harmonies and catchy hooks, it's impossible to hate this band. Give Good Old War a go, and I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

That's right; Montana's finest exports, the duo of Chris Cunningham and John(ny) Hermanson, are back with a new album, "Shade of the Trees." Even more exciting than that? They'll be back in Deerwood, Minn., this September for the second holding of Storyhill Fest Midwest. (Last year a number of local and semi-local artists participated, like Bill Isles and Mother Banjo, so keep your eyes on http://storyhill.com/tour.php for further details.)

21. Judge Jackson - "Hold My Hand"
Remember what The Who said, kids: Long. Live. Rock.

22. Visqueen - "Beautiful Amnesia"
If you like what you hear, act fast: Visqueen will be playing in Minneapolis May 14 and in Madison the day after that (with Mad Trucker Gone Mad no less!).

23. Concerning Lions - "Canon"
I don't know who Chris Moerman is (my apologies), but he did say CL has "the soulfulness of Jeff Buckley," and I thought that was pretty nice of him.

One of the tracks included on her free, no-frills Earth Day EP.

Thus concludes your seventy-second dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul." I hope you enjoyed the ride!

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