Friday, February 20, 2009

Starfire, KUMD, Arne Vainio, Nate Maydole, Al Franken, Atmosphere, Modern Antiques, dancing with cats, etc.

Note to self: Next time someone offers you a flu shot, you take it.

"5Q :: Starfire Returns to Radio" :: More than 10 years after Random Radio went off the air, DJ Starfire is back with "The Local," a drive-time show on KUMD featuring — you guessed it — local music. exclusive!

"Tribal Physician Examines the 'Unknown' in New Doc" :: Dr. Arne Vainio knew “Walking Into the Unknown” was something he had to do when he realized he was a hypocrite.

"Q-and-A with 'Unknown' Director Nate Maydole" :: In this companion piece to "Tribal Physician Examines the 'Unknown' in New Doc," recent UMD grad Nate Maydole explains how he got involved with Dr. Arne Vainio's film project. exclusive!

"'Twin Fishers'" :: This weekend's cover shot, from the Duluth Boat, Sports and Travel Show’s live trout tank.

"'Franken in Duluth'" :: In a vacant-because-of-the-holiday City Hall Monday (Presidents' Day), Al Franken met with St. Louis County Commissioner Peg Sweeney and the mayors of Duluth and Two Harbors. (A standalone photo.) exclusive!

"CD Reviews: Modern Antiques, Danny Schmidt, Atmosphere and 'Name Your Tune'" :: Reviewed this week: “Sweet Precious Time,” the debut from Duluth four-piece Ben Durbin’s Modern Antiques; Austin folkie Danny Schmidt’s “Instead the Forest Rose to Sing”; Atmosphere’s remastered and repackaged “God Loves Ugly”; and “Name Your Tune,” a personalized CD that inserts one of more than 4,000 names into 13 kid-safe songs.

"Going to 'Steel Magnolias'? Bring Your Kleenex" :: An interview with Jean Olson, who’s directing “Steel Magnolias” for the Playhouse.

"Local Options for Valentine's Day" :: Not so much a story as two photos I took at Angela's Bella Flora on First Street (as the ladies were busily filling orders for V-Day!).

Thus concludes what will hopefully be the last This Fortnight's Shameless Budgeteer Plug!

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