Monday, February 2, 2009

The column to end a career, an opera singer from the North Shore and $$$!

If you seek out/download one song this week, make it Rose Hill Drive's "Altar Junkie."

It's "Boulder-strong."


"What I Consider Fun, Natural Fun" :: A random column dedicated to, among other things, doomsday 2012, Netflix/Xbox 360's awesome new way of letting you rot away your life, a few words on the recession/lowered expectations,'s "grocery store" and how awesome physical albums are.

"Nathan Herfindahl: Have Voice, Will Travel" :: Nathan Herfindahl’s obsession with opera has taken him all the way around the world and back. The University of Minnesota Duluth graduate recently returned from Beijing, where he performed alongside legendary tenor Pl├ícido Domingo. (An interview with the Silver Bay native.)

"MCCU CEO: Your Money's Safe with Credit Unions" :: We’ve always heard that community banks are safer than their “big brothers,” but now the Minnesota Department of Commerce is saying that a handful of the 429 state-chartered banks and credit unions in the state that it regulates are at risk of possible failure. To get an insider’s perspective on this development, we (I) talked to Tammy Heikkinen, president and CEO of Members Cooperative Credit Union.

"CD Reviews: Avenpitch, Middle States and Drew Danburry" :: I teased this last time, but, what the hey, I sure do love my record reviews. exclusive!

Thus concludes THIS WEEK'S SHAMELESS BUDGETEER PLUG. (Thanks, I like to write.)

p.s. My dollar-store sour straws are rock hard.

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