Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tepetricy, Bunny Clogs, Buzz Bites, Van Morrison groupies, that DFA1979 dude and another (questionably) healthy buzz!

My weeks are whirlwinds....

"'The Brotherhood of Tepetricy is Stronger than Ever'" :: The up-and-coming Twin Cities hard rock outfit Tepetricy has a lot of local ties — four out of its five members are from Duluth, to be exact — so we thought we’d hit them up before their show Jan. 10 (this Saturday) at Norm’s.

"CD Reviews: Bunny Clogs, St. Dominic's Trio, the Belfast Cowboys and Death From Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger" :: Albums enjoyed this week: "Switch" by St. Dominic's Trio, the Belfast Cowboys' self-titled debut, Sebastien Grainger's "Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains" and Bunny Clogs' "More! More! More!"

"Taste Test: Buzz Bites and Foosh Energy Mints"
:: Hundreds upon hundreds of new energy products hit the U.S. market every year. So, for this inaugural Taste Test, we're giving two new products from Vroom Foods a spin. A DuluthBudgeteer.com exclusive!

And some random photos of a dock on Rice's Point (this week's cover shot), Renee Zellweger (an oldie but goodie), Darlene's Hair Stylists in Lincoln Park and hockey camp at the Heritage Sports Center this past summer.


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