Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Avenpitch, P.O.S., AM rubin, Middle States, Jamestown Story, Phoenix Productions, Drew Danburry, 'Epicly Later'd,' George Kaplan and more!

Words of wisdom: Never follow up a night of watching "Fire in the Sky" and reading about UFO abductions by listening to the Massive Attack album "100th Window." Talk about creepy....

"CD Reviews: Avenpitch, Middle States and Drew Danburry" :: Albums enjoyed this week: Avenpitch’s “Cast Off,” Middle States’ “Happy Fun Party” and Drew Danburry’s “This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club.”

"DVD Reviews: 'Epicly Later'd' and 'An American Carol'" :: An episode guide for the first volume of Vice’s skateboarder-documentary show, “Epicly Later’d,” and some fresh hate for “An American Carol,” one of the worst comedies to surface in some time.

"Megan Abel's Phoenix Productions Dance Troupe Strikes Back"
:: A conversation with dancer Megan Abel, who is readying Phoenix Productions’ second big show, “Because We Believe 2009.”

"AM rubin: Most Eclectic Father-Son Band Ever?" :: AM rubin, Duluth's pre-eminent family-based musical collective, covers everything from Steve Earle to Guided by Voices’ “Smothered in Hugs” and Elvis Costello’s “The Comedians." Hear how this unique band came to be.

"Defend Your Castle: Innovative Security Products You Might Want to Look Into" :: No matter how reassuring lowering crime statistics can be, some of us just like to feel extra-safe at home. Here are a couple products to help you out with that.

"First Impressions of ... P.O.S.'s 'Never Better'" :: A track-by-track breakdown of P.O.S.'s new disc, which, as its title implies, finds the Minneapolis rapper (and Doomtree member) moving ahead at full force.

"Dane Says: Grandma's Sports Garden is the Best (Only?) Place to Be Jan. 29"
:: Seven bands will play the Canal Park hotspot Jan. 29 — including a new Motion City Soundtrack side project — and, to get a little personal perspective on this monumental event, we’ve asked Jamestown Story’s Dane Schmidt to provide some “color commentary.”

"Second Pants Production a 'Beautiful Mess'"
:: For its sophomore offering, Kelli Latuska and Michelle Juntunen's production company, By the Seat of Your Pants, is tackling David Lindsay-Abaire’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Rabbit Hole."

"Rabble-Rouser George Kaplan Returns to Beaner's" :: Considering that his stage name comes from Alfred Hitchcock’s sprawling masterpiece “North by Northwest,” it’s natural to feel a sense of urgency when you listen to the rambunctious ramblings of this St. Paul musician.

Thus concludes what will hopefully be the second and last This Fortnight's Shameless Budgeteer Plug!

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