Monday, January 12, 2009

Ryan Rapsys, Barbie Bangkok, Dante Pirtle, Matt and Kim and (once again) some innocent heart-explodin' fun!

In case I haven't told you before: Thanks for your patronage. Some things don't get said enough, cheeky monkey....

"Catching Up with Local Composer Ryan Rapsys"
:: From scoring Craig Blacklock DVDs and Duluth Playhouse productions to cooking up thought-provoking short films and running his own record label, Duluth native Ryan Rapsys (brother of Robin, Tepetricy's drummer) is sure up to the task of making his mama proud.

"CD Reviews: Dante Pirtle, Barbie Bangkok and Matt and Kim"
:: Albums enjoyed this week: former Duluthian Dante Pirtle's "Pirtlean," Belgian rockers Barbie Bangkok's "People and Geometry" and Brooklyn indie pop duo Matt and Kim's "Grand."

"Taste Test: Buzz Bites and Foosh Energy Mints" :: Hundreds upon hundreds of new energy products hit the U.S. market every year. So, for this inaugural Taste Test, we're giving two new products from Vroom Foods a spin. A exclusive!


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