Sunday, November 23, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug + New P.O.S. Album Announced!

Before the good news, though, here's what I've been up to the last couple days:

"UMD Alumnae Team for 'Hummingbirds'"
:: The University of Minnesota Duluth’s theater department is once again utilizing alumna Jeannine Coulombe for fresh material. At the helm? Kelly (Brainard) Grussendorf, another UMD graduate. (Interesting side note: Grussendorf once had a national recording contract with Curb Records under the moniker Charity. Click here for a free MP3 download of her track "Aren't I Lucky?")

"CD Reviews: Clearwater Hot Club, the New Standards and Dr. Pepper Family" :: Albums enjoyed this week: Sam Miltich and the Clearwater Hot Club's “Just You, Just Me," the New Standards' "Rock and Roll" and a self-titled album from Belgium's Dr. Pepper Family. (While I can't share the e-mail with you, the New Standards' Chan Poling had quite the hilarious first reaction to my review of "Rock and Roll." So, to avoid this with anyone else, some words of wisdom: Read the whole thing -- I'm like the M. Night Shyamalan of record reviews.... LOL)

"New Books Gets Lift Bridge Story Right" :: A large chunk of Tony Dierckins’ "Crossing the Canal" is dedicated to separating Aerial Lift Bridge myths from reality. Not to be confused with my review of "Crossing the Canal," this interview with the author and publisher for Canal Park Times (a special supplement to the Duluth Budgeteer News) sheds some light on the book's findings.

"Shy Guy" :: This week's seagull-tacular front cover.

And, finally, without any further ado, the press release you've been dying to read...

P.O.S. returns with Never Better, February 3rd on Rhymesayers. It's the follow-up to 2006's critically acclaimed Audition. Most of P.O.S’ new album was written in a moving car. On it, he raps at full-clip to ride rolling drums and revving distortion. There’s an urgency that he keeps in careful check, and then unleashes for spring-loaded verses that represent his best work. P.O.S built his reputation as an innovator, with an unlikely punk rock past and expressive, honest content. He re-earns the accolades with every release. His records capture his charisma—they’re driving and sincere, the dark moments counterbalanced by some giggling banter with the engineer. On Never Better, the new disc, he conjures get-away cars, racing chariots, the pursuit of sirens, and the occasional rueful nighttime drive.
P.O.S. himself made more than half of the beats on Never Better, and the production bears his unmistakable signature. The album enters a room like bombshell with a black eye—badass, noisy, impossible to ignore. Feedback and relentless drum rolls are only occasionally tempered by sung choruses and clean, chiming guitar lines. Some critics will be eager to categorize the album as a hybrid—some kind of crossover project. But it’s probably not. P.O.S is a rapper with range, he’s a real musician and an unstoppable performer. For him, genres are as they ever were: permeable.
The packaging for P.O.S's new album Never Better is a one of a kind four panel transparent plastic Digipak that holds 16 solid and 6 Transparent inserts. The solid inserts have artwork on the front and lyrics/credits on the back. The Transparent inserts have artwork that when placed over the various solid cards, enhance and change the look of the art underneath, hundreds of combinations are possible. Look for P.O.S. to embark on a headlining tour for the month of February and he will stay on the road through the summer, where he's confirmed for the entire Vans Warped Tour.
P.O.S.'s two plus years on the road in support of Audition proved that no genre can contain him. He's just as comfortable performing in front of punk and rock crowds as he is with his ever growing loyal hip hop fan base. On different tours, he went out with Atmosphere, Minus the Bear, Gym Class Heroes and Underoath plus did 50+ dates on the Vans Warped Tour. Audition made it up to #13 on the CMJ Radio Top 200 and was #1 on the Hip Hop chart for three weeks. The video for his single "Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter)" received heavy rotation on MTVu and also on MTV2's Subterranean.

Never Better Tracklisting
1.Let It Rattle
2.Drumroll (We're All Thirsty)
3.Savion Glover
5.Graves (We Wrote the Book)
7.Get Smokes
8.Been Afraid
9.Low Light Low Life
10.The Basics (Alright)
11.Out of Category
12.Optimist (We Are Not For Them)
14.Never Better
15.The Brave and the Snake

(Information courtesy P.O.S.'s people.)

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