Friday, October 10, 2008


Overheard in Epitaph's weekly newsletter: "I'm sitting at my desk listening to my boss, Brett, put together his sequence for the new Vanna record. I didn't realize the importance of a really good sequence, especially on 'harder' records. You tend to put the best songs in the beginning because you want to capture the audience instantly. And then you want to make sure it 'flows' well. That all of the transitions are perfect and seamless. It's one of those things that most people overlook, and take for granted."

1. White Light Riot - "Choice Theory"
What I said then: "'Choice Theory' is as rambunctious and fun as anything the Plastic Constellations have put out there." What I'm saying now: Word. (In other news, I recently got to interview lead guitarist Joe Christenson for Duluth's Budgeteer News. Check out "Baby, White Light Riot's Makin' It" if you get a chance.)

2. Number One Common - "The Acid Reflux"
These guys are tons of fun live. Quite enjoyed this one when they played with Malec and Screaming Mechanical Brain at Norm's two weeks back, and something tells me I'll be hearing this one again tomorrow night/later today when they share a bill with Kritical Kontact and Tiger Blue Death Squad. (Speaking of Kritical Kontact/pimping myself out, this week's Budge also features one of the first reviews of the local hip-hop act's latest, "Evolution of Revolution." Check it out.)

3. David Bowie - "Blue Jean"
I'll admit, it took some time for the Chameleon of Pop's '80s output to grow on me; but, once it did, there was no turning back.

4. Angela Desveaux - "Sure Enough" [MP3]
She might've grown up in Cape Breton, but this doesn't sound anything like McInnis' Kitchen, Double Fiddles (my cousin Nori's side project with some of the MK folks), etc.

5. The Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye"
Recommended if you like "Pisces Iscariot," but if, and only if, it's your favorite Smashing Pumpkins release. And the Frogs -- you probably gotta like those Milwaukee boys as well. Just kidding; this is practically the antithesis of lo-fi. My oh my it's getting late....

6. The Boy Least Likely To - "Be Gentle with Me"
Thanks, Tina Fey, for introducing me to this gorgeous track in "Baby Mama."

7. Beastie Boys - "Hey Ladies"
Here too -- it had been a really long time since I'd listened to this "Paul's Boutique" centerpiece.

8. A-Trak - "Knucklehead" [MP3]
Kind of a spiritual successor to "Hey Ladies," but far less over-exposed.

9. Jake One feat. Freeway and Brother Ali - "The Truth" [MP3]
Despite what I said in my review of "White Van Music," Jake One is still a terrific producer and, if you can just get past Freeway's contributions here, "The Truth" is a worthy addition to your mix tapes as well.

10. Kanye West - "Impossible"
A random contribution to one of Tom Cruise's "Mission: Impossible" films that's genuinely worth seeking out.

11. [REDACTED] - "
Seriously, now ... if every music geek were granted a "free pass" for guilty pleasures, I'd happily use mine on [REDACTED], the group formerly known as [REDACTED]. For fans of [REDACTED] -- you know, the Duluth group that the [REDACTED]'s [REDACTED] can't [EXPLETIVE DELETED]-ing shut up about.

12. Spiritualized - "I Gotta Fire"
Another hearty round of applause for Walt Dizzo, KUWS's resident superstar DJ, for introducing me to this amazing group. I mean, I've heard about Spiritualized for years, but I had always *assumed* it was something lame, like Faithless.

13. Wilco feat. Fleet Foxes - "I Shall Be Released" [Bob Dylan cover] [LIVE]
This gorgeous track is free for the taking from Wilco's Web site if you pledge to vote in the upcoming election: "Such tumultuous times. And in the spirit of giveaways that seem to be sweeping the nation, we've got something free for you. No, it's not a pile of cash (sorry), but rather an audio postcard of sorts from a summer's night in Oregon with our friends the Fleet Foxes and a lovely Bob Dylan tune."

14. Cracker - "Duty Free"
No matter how hard I "crush" on these guys, I never get sick of them, and, better yet, I keep on discovering tracks that are "positively the best Cracker song yet." So far there's about four dozen of those suckers floating around in my mind....

15. Bob Dylan - "Mississippi" [Original "Time Out of Mind" vers.] [MP3]
Oh, the mastery!

16. Urge Overkill - "Take a Walk"
Similar to the Cracker situation, I could easily cram a few thousand tracks into my "Top 100 Songs of All Time" list. That said, this is one of 'em. A classic in every sense.

17. Better than Ezra - "Desperately Wanting"
I recently rediscovered this group, which I assumed -- there I go again with that nasty word... -- had fallen off the face of the earth after "Good." So, so wrong.

18. Michael Franti and Spearhead - "Yell Fire!" [MP3]
I was really disheartened yesterday when I found out my "friend" dismissed Spearhead as a reggae group. Seriously, why would anyone want to hate on Spearhead? I kid; everyone's free to dig whatever they want.

19. TV on the Radio - "DLZ"
I wasn't terribly impressed with the new disc, but this track is the TVOTR I've known for so many years. Perhaps a few more spins and the rest'll "click" for me.

Thus concludes your twenty-fifth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as Don't Tell a Soul.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Science is at least an 8 out of 10 for me. There are maybe two songs that I skip past on my way to songs I enjoy more, but overall the disc is solid. Dancing Choose, DLZ, Shout Me Out, Golden Age are right up there with some of the best stuff they've ever done. Red Dress, Lover's Day, and Crying are great compliments to the general texture of the album. Keep listening - it will continually grow on you.