Friday, October 17, 2008

Drew Danburry: 'I wouldn’t really know how to describe it without being ridiculously flippant'

He's quite a character, isn't he? In "Drew Danburry on the Reality of Being a Touring Musician," the Utah troubadour gets candid with the Budgeteer and explains what it's really like to take cross-country "vacations" for a living. And, to honor this monumentous interview -- Danburry is someone I admire greatly -- I've rounded up all my past coverage of this talented singer/songwriter: This includes a show preview from way back and reviews of his albums "An Introduction to Sex Rock," "Besides...," "Live in France!" and the "Mother" EP. (If I come across any other articles I've written about him in the past, I'll definitely let you know.)

Elsewhere in the bin...

"Former City Councilor Squares Off Against 32-Year Incumbent" :: For the latest installment in the Budgeteer’s election coverage, we look at the highly contested race between Chris Dahlberg and Bill Kron. They are competing for the St. Louis County Board’s Third District seat, which Kron has held for more than 30 years.

"Performance Review: Barton Sutter's 'Bushed' Not for Everybody" :: Having just sat through Barton Sutter's collaboration with Rubber Chicken Theater, “Bushed: A Poetical, Political, Partly Musical Tragicomedy in Two Acts,” I’m pretty certain "Bush is dumb" was the only theme holding together the 42-scene sprawling mess.

"Discover Duluth: Billings Park, Vol. II-IV" :: "Discover Duluth" returns to Superior's crown jewel in a big way: three photo galleries! Probably my best photo outing yet, so I do hope you check them out. (This week's "poster" is an outtake from these sets.) exclusive!

"Discover Duluth: Haunted Shack 2008" :: As a testament to Pat Stojevich’s knack for cooking up new nightmares from year to year, the scare junkies keep coming back to his Haunted Shack in Morgan Park. exclusive!

"Discover Duluth: Autumn in 'The Park'" :: Of all Duluth’s celebrated neighborhoods, Morgan Park is the most impressive when it comes to all-out leafy goodness. exclusive!

Finally, this week's cover shot, "Never Forget," can be seen by clicking on "Remembering Victims of Domestic Violence." A 400-yard tribute to the 643 victims of domestic violence in the state of Minnesota since 1988 was held up by volunteers Thursday afternoon on Lakewalk as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It was an awe-inspiring display, made possible by people like KUWS DJ Walt Dizzo, Margot Presley and ... well, I didn't recognize anyone else, but there were probably more than 100 volunteers on hand -- congrats to them all!

Oh, I almost forgot, I also reviewed some albums this week: City on the Make’s “$1,000,000” EP, King Khan and the Shrines’ “The Supreme Genius of…” and Terry Lynn’s “Kingston Logic 2.0.” exclusive!

Elsewhere in the archives...

When I was searching through my clips for those "vintage" Danburry CD reviews, I came across "A Comic Career," which details "The Simpsons"/"The Critic"/"Queer Duck" writer Mike Reiss' visit to UMD back in '02. Since I've been on something of an "America's Favorite Family" kick lately, I decided to type it up (the article originally appeared in The Statesman) and share it with the world. Hope you enjoy it!


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