Friday, October 10, 2008

'... So we got drunk and played our best set ever to nobody'

That's Tony Derrick's take on one of Giljunko's most infamous shows. But I wasn't talking to him solely about that group; we were actually discussing (for the most part) his new group, the Tisdales, which he founded with former Glenrustles/Ol' Yeller frontman Rich Mattson. The two are rounded out in their "post old-school" outfit by Jason “Kokes” Kokal (one of Derrick’s Hotel Coral Essex bandmates) and Derek Rolando (the Six 9’s, occassional Marc Gartman session man). Read all about 'em in "Ladies and Gentlemen ... the Tisdales!"

Elsewhere in the bin...

"Baby, White Light Riot's Makin' It" :: No matter what your definition of “making it” is, sharing a bill with rock legends is surely part of the equation. And that’s just what White Light Riot did last month when they played a Beatles tribute show with Badfinger.

"CD Reviews: Kritical Kontact, Jake One and Cecil Otter"
:: It's a hip-hop record review BLOWOUT: Kritical Kontact's ready-for-the-primetime "Evolution of Revolution"; Jake One's Rhymesayers debut, "White Van Music"; and one of the latest Doomtree records, Cecil Otter's "Rebel Yellow."

Finally, "Haunted Duluth '08: Run for the Hills!" features this week's cover shot, "Romero Scream/Back of a Taxi" -- one of my favorite shots in some time.


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