Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug

Motion City Soundtrack, Lake Superior's Honeywell barrel problem, the Pot Bellied Stallions, lawn sports and a picture that's sure to make you faint!

"Road Warriors Motion City Soundtrack Back in Town Already" :: It hasn't even been a year since MCS headlined Stockfestapalooza, but they'll be in town July 24 at Grandma's Sports Garden with the Spill Canvas and Sing It Loud in tow.

"Q-and-A with Motion City's Matt Taylor" :: Find out how Motion City Soundtrack bassist Matthew Taylor went from an office temp job to touring the world in one of Epitaph's most popular bands in this exclusive interview with [YOURS TRULY]. exclusive!

"Re-examining the Honeywell Barrel Fiasco" :: The question isn’t whether or not there are Honeywell barrels on the bottom of Lake Superior, there are. The question is — rather, the questions are: What exactly is inside those barrels, whose responsibility are they and when, if ever, will anything be done about them? (Includes many great quotes from Herb Bergson, Duluth's former mayor.)

"Up on Chester Creek" :: Our front-page cover, of the Pot Bellied Stallions' lovely Maxine Rhodes (aka Miss Minnesota Country Music '94).

"Minnesota Drops Blood Donor Age to 16"
:: The story's not mine -- it belongs to our intern, Brooke Naland -- but the photo is. (WARNING: Not for the faint of heart!)

And, finally, as promised last weekend ... "This Summer's Entertainment Hotspot? Your Own Backyard," which first appeared in the Budgeteer's Blueprint special. A synopsis: Lawn games are an excellent way to save gas and bring the neighborhood together.

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