Friday, July 25, 2008

Cracker's Superior set list for July 25, 2008

Here's what you missed last night at the Head of the Lakes Fair.* (As an added service for those in attendance, I've included the album names so you'll know exactly where to find those songs you loved oh-so-much!)

1. "Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)" (from "Cracker")
2. "100 Flower Power Maximum" (from "The Golden Age")
3. "Euro-Trash Girl" (from "Kerosene Hat")
4. "Lonesome Johnny Blues" (from "Kerosene Hat")
5. "Mr. Wrong" (from "Cracker")
6. "Happy Birthday to Me" (from "Cracker")
7. "Waiting for You Girl" (from "Gentleman's Blues")
8. "One Fine Day" (from "Forever")
9. "Gimme One More Chance" (from "Greenland")
10. "The Riverside" (from "Greenland")
11. "Sweet Thistle Pie" (from "The Golden Age")
12. "The World is Mine" (from "Gentleman's Blues")
13. "The Man in Me" (Bob Dylan cover)
14. "How Can I Live Without You" (from "The Golden Age")
15. "Everybody Gets One for Free" (from "Greenland")
16. "Low" (from "Kerosene Hat")


17. "Get Off This" (from "Kerosene Hat")
18. "I Need Better Friends" (from "Greenland")

*More photos available on the Budgeteer's Web site, where I A) briefly review the show, B) out myself as a Cracker "superfan" and C) interview guitarist and co-founder Johnny Hickman!

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